TeleXLR8 wants to be the “TED” for virtual worlds

Founders of teleXLR8, a discussion program conducted in the Teleplace virtual environment, are hoping that the project becomes the next TED for virtual worlds.

Teleplace, Inc. is one of the leading providers of enterprise-grade, behind-the-firewall, fully immersive virtual collaborative environments.

According to teleXLR8 organizer Giulio Prisco, Teleplace’s built-in multi-user videoconferencing, voice, and powerful collaboration tools, makes it a good fit for the project.

Recent teleXLR8 event on the Teleplace platform. Default avatars are boxy shapes with photos or video feeds instead of faces. (Image courtesy teleXLR8.)

Many people are looking to OpenSim today, especially after Second Life doubled prices for educators and non-profits, and announced the shutdown of its Teen Grid.

Giulio Prisco

“But I think, at this moment, our project offers a much more operational solution at a competitive price,” Prisco told Hypergrid Business.

According to Prisco, teleXLR8 is a telepresence community for cultural acceleration, and has been in semi-stealth beta mode since this past March, and will be launched formally at the end of November.

“At the beginning, we have only promoted teleXLR8 in the relatively small community of future studies and ‘singularity’ enthusiasts,” he said.

The “singularity” is a point in time when the world is expected to change dramatically as a result of evolution of technology. One common definition is that the singularity will occur when computers get smarter than people.

“The project has now been operating as a free, invitation-only beta on the Teleplace servers and network infrastructure,” he said. “But we have reached an agreement with Teleplace, which will permit running the project in fully operational mode on our own servers, net work and support infrastructure, and opening it to everyone with membership fee.”

The monthly membership fee will be $15 — or $10, if paid annually.

Interactive and immersive telepresence technology, with integrated videoconferencing, document sharing and collaboration in 3D virtual reality, can accelerate global cultural development, said Prisco. This happens when people can participate, interactively and immersively, in their favorite interest groups and intentional communities, independently of their geographical locations.

The teleXLR8 program will include frequent virtual events, featuring “first class speakers with world-changing ideas,” Prisco said. Topics covered include information technology, energy, space, medicine, health, literature, art, philosophy, sociology, politics, economics, financing innovation and other important issues of our times.

“The teleXLR8 project can be thought of as an online open TED, using modern telepresence technology for ideas worth spreading, and as a next generation, fully interactive TV network with a participative audience,” he said.

For more information about teleXLR8, visit the project’s website, read the project’s blog, watch videos of past events, or join its LinkedIn group, or its Facebook group.'