What Virtual Business Means to Your Business



1. $54 million in cost savings
2. $19 million in productivity and time savings
3. 34,000 tons of carbon emissions eliminated

If those kinds of numbers are interesting to you, we hope you will take a minute and read on, because that’s just the beginning of the story. These are just the savings that Cisco achieved with one single global sales event. The productivity, expanded reach and performance improvements tell an even bigger story.

Cost Savings, Productivity & Performance

By now, you may already be aware of the huge business benefits of Virtual Events and Virtual Business Solutions. According to American Business Media and Forrester Research, 75 percent of business decision-makers said they attended three or more Web-based events during the past 12 months. And a recent study conducted by ROI of Engagement found that virtual events delivered as effectively as physical attendance in satisfaction and retention.

Enterprise Communities

At a time when nearly one-third of US workers are telecommuting, the use of this technology has expanded far beyond popular business webinars and social applications to integrate virtual tradeshows, events, product launches, annual meetings, career fairs, sales meetings, training & learning centers, focus group centers and more. Businesses such as Cisco, Disney and P&G are using the platform to transform their web presence from pages and links to events and destination where their communities can meet, learn and do business.

Free Virtual Workshop

We would like to share with you and your organization exactly how companies like P&G, Cisco, AAA, Autodesk, Hilton and others are transforming their business with virtual business solutions. Visit INXPO.com/solutions for more information and we will be in touch to see if we can schedule a Free Virtual Workshop and demonstration designed just for your organization to show you the kind of savings and benefits you can expect to achieve.

In addition, contact INXPO to receive your free copy of our eBook, “Virtual Business Real Results: What Virtual Business Means to Your Business.”

Article reprinted with permission from INXPO.

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