Purdue University to build 3D research lab in OpenSim

Press release: SpotOn3D announces collaborative partnership with Purdue University

The Virtual Collaboration Laboratory within the Purdue University Department of Organizational Leadership and Supervision (College of Technology) announces the beginning of a collaborative partnership with SpotOn3D — a software firm whose main objective is to bridge the gap between the 2D web, real world technology and the 3D Web.

Purdue researchers, including Scott Homan Ph.D., Michael Beyerlein Ph.D., and doctoral student Amy Caryn Warneka, will work with SpotON3D’s co-founders, CEO Stevan Lieberman and COO and Art Director Tessa Kinney-Johnson to establish an online virtual reality research laboratory using the SpotON3D virtual worlds platform.

SpotON3D’s Lieberman is also a patent, trademark, and intellectual property attorney with Greenburg & Lieberman in Washington, DC. Purdue’s Warneka is also the CEO of IPaSS Consulting.

(Image courtesy SpotOn3D.)

Powersynch, LLC, the parent company for SpotON3D, began development of their grid systems in November of 2008. With a ten year vision for the development of the 3D Web, SpotON3D’s secure and business centric focus caters to an augmented reality experience that embraces existing 2D web assets and real world meeting functionality, attracting a diverse pool of users from the business, academic, technology, and artisan communities alike online.

Short term goals are to provide a stable beta grid platform for early adopter businesses and organizations to use, either as a member of the SpotON3D multi-grid micro-community through the adoption of Private Label Grids. The long term goals are to create the infrastructure to enable these professional grade grids to interconnect via the SpotON3D client and the rest of the Metaverse grids and platforms with a blend of open source and proprietary software.

Research and business support activities at Purdue will specialize in virtual collaboration and the use of virtual simulations in educational, training and business applications.