InWorldz plans marketing campaign, seeks mentors

InWorldz co-founder David Daeschler, also known as Tranquillity Dexler in-world, announced plans for marketing and expansion at the InWorldz Convention in Las Vegas today.

The grid, now celebrating its third birthday, will begin doing advertising for the first time, Daeschler said. He did not specify a time frame.

And new mentors will be needed to help welcome new residents, he said.

The company’s partnership with server hosting company will help InWorldz meet the increased demands, he said.

Grid co-founder David Daeschler speaking at InWorldz Conference in Las Vegas.

Daeschler also promised more work on InWorldz technology foundation, including physics improvements, with more development staff to come on board.

Avatars will be able to walk better, he said, and interact with physical objects — kicking balls, or firing projectiles.

The conference will continue with a talk about Blender, a livestreamed scripting workshop on Saturday afternoon, and a livestreamed presentation by on Sunday morning.

Viewer plans

“The updated Mac viewer is coming in the next 30 to 45 days,” said grid founder Beth Reischl — also known as Elenia Llewellyn in-world.  “You’ll see a brand-new Mac viewer.”

David Daeschler

“The viewer code is ready,” added Daeschler, who himself own a Mac. “The problem has been finding someone to compile it. I want it for my laptop. A lot of people want it.”

Meanwhile, the InWorldz viewer is going to see an upgrade as well.

“In the short term, we’ll be updating our viewer to the leatest stuff that everyone is used to, but keep the interface to what everyone is used to,” Daeschler said. “We don’t want anyone to get scared that the whole world will change. But stuff will look better, and we’re going to start adding some modern features — lighting, shadows.”

Long term, the InWorldz viewer will become the only way to access the grid, he said.

“Some people will be unhapy because it will block out third party viewers, but it’s not something that we’re rushing into,” said Reischl.

“What we really want to do is add some specific in-world extensions to make things faster, better, easier,” said Daeschler.

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Maria Korolov

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6 Responses

  1.' Sarge Misfit says:

    I became a fanboi of InWorldz in the first 30 second after I arrived. That’s how friendly and welcoming IW is.  I look forward to the launch of their marketing campaign and the expected results of major growth.

    InWorldz has consistently shown their care for their residents and their determination to operate a grid that is as bug free and reliable as they can make it, giving priority to fixing the bug before releasing any upgrades.

  2.' Fred Leftwich says:

    Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong….InWorldz is an ok alternative but locking the viewer is a biiiig mistake….the future is open worldz and free choice in viewers.

    •' Eric Jones says:

      fact Is MCcabe develops in windows and mac you know the code is open so locking it not sure. but to watch him do what he did to Firestorm well Max you better do something good,. before them mentors run off the rest of the people the founders haven’t. we are talking several thousands of dollars a year I will be pulling out of that grid. smile take them to the bank.
      Thank god Avian understands how to fix your stuff for a real Operating system.

  3. Sunny_Shar says:

    I loved Inworldz from the first time I set my virtual foot there. Yes there were bugs, but I have always been a fan of this new world and will continue to be involved as much as possible. I’m glad to see it grow!

    •' Eric Jones says:

      it has lost a lot of investors dear read between the lines they are making enough money though not going to say that I am saying 146 per 50,000 people.
      tonight 200 online for 70,000 fact is IW is for builders and creators. but all the cool stuff has been locked down by the founders friends so getting into there market pretty much don’t happen. they do need mentors but they cant keep them either because the Senior mentors run them off.

  4.' Eric Jones says:

    If you go and be a mentor you can harass people and still be told your good you can post and do what ever you want. and the founders will say it is ok. The mentor program has run off so many people and friends it is crazy.

    To see how the mentors treat people in the forums and then moderate the people paying for the grid. mm always wonder what a drama queen would do if she lead the mentors group.
    You think I am wrong 70,000 users and 170 online. I am sure Jim tarber can ciome up with how that sounds good. People find out that IW has a leak . it is not the mentors it is the people that run the mentors.