Avination’s C$ now traded on PODEX

PODEX, the Wilmington, Delware-based virtual currency exchange, announced today that it now has a presence in Avination and is offering their services for business and residents of that grid.

PODEX, an established Linden dollars brokers began offering their services in Avination on July 12., the company said.

Avination is the third-busiest grid running on the OpenSim platform, according the most recent Hypergrid Business data, and is the eighth-largest grid by land area.

“With PODEX entering the market, Avination users now have one more exchange to trade their virtual currency between Avination and Second Life and also buy and sell C$ using many different payment methods, from Paypal to direct debit, bank transfers as well as credit cards,” Avination said in an announcement. “Even Moneybookers is among their payment methods.”

Avination’s C$ virtual currency can also be traded on the Virwox virtual currency exchange.

According to the company, PODEX offers safe exchange services with customer support in Polish, Czech, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, and English.

Their in-world customer care office in Avination is at http://avnurl.com/avination/Goldbusiness/219/37/23.

ATMs can also be found at in-world malls, shopping districts and living areas. With them PODEX offers an affiliate program for residents. Additional  information is available at http://www.avination.podex.info

“The improvements and new safety features being installed currently will increase the reliability of business transactions in Avination even further,” the companies announced.

Maria Korolov