10 reasons not to give up on Aurora-Sim

[Editor’s Note: Aurora-Sim branched off from OpenSim in early 2011.]

I am very sad to see so many people tell me that I should give up on Aurora-Sim, and that it is a waste. I think it is mostly been placed there because people remember its biggest tank — the failure of Nova Grid.

Building on the AuroraScape grid, which runs on the Aurora-Sim virtual world server software. (Image courtesy AuroraScape.)

So I am going to show you the top 10 reasons why I think the metaverse should give it another shot, and get back to helping with its development.

  1. Ready Out of the Box: When you download the latest aurora-sim master code, and compile it. First time run, it has a built in fully functional WebUI, Fully Working Groups, Fully Working Profiles, Fully Working Search, and easy to use Region GUI. All of this is built into the code, all running for the core code. This all works even in standalone mode all out of the single Aurora.exe!
  2. Stable Physics: Physics in Aurora-Sim is amazing, it is the same engine that OpenSim has been using for a long time. However more hooks, and programming went into it, making it much more stable and react much more realistically.
  3. No HelperURI Needed: One of the biggest issues a lot of standalones and grids run into, is just selling land for free. This is because OpenSim requires a helperURI to process transactions. This however is no problem in Grid Mode or Standalone Mode, as the helperURI is built in.
  4. Variable Regions: You can have regions of any size, and without the parceling issues that Mega Regions suffer in OpenSim. This is because the regions are 1 solid complete full region, however you need to use a viewer which supports it.
  5. Completely Free & Open: The source code is complete free and opensource, meaning anyone can open it up, change it, improve it, and contribute it back to make it better for everyone.
  6. Automated Backups: We all know that it sucks how we get attacked, however Aurora-Sim is completely built in region backups. It can be configured to make backups and keep backups for customized to your liking. In fact, your regions are completely saved in your backups.
  7. Less Resources Needed: You can put double the prims on an Aurora-Sim region than you can on an OpenSim region using the same amount of ram. In fact the default prim count is 80,000 which is far more than anyone could ever use… or is it….
  8. Region WindLight: With recently implemented region WindLight on SecondLife, Aurora-Sim has processed the code and has made it to where can set region WindLight from your viewer as you would in SecondLife. This avoids needing any special scripts, or modules for LightShare settings.
  9. Multiple Attachments: I know this is something that a lot of people crave, and well a lot of people sacrifice by moving to OpenSim. Being able to wear more than one attachment on the same point. You can wear more than one attachment on the same point in Aurora-Sim.
  10. K.I.S.S.: Aurora-Sim has been modified to be very simple to use, setup, and use.

(Reprinted with permission from Timothy Vyper’s Blog.)

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