Adult Metaverse fastest-growing community

The Adult Metaverse Google Plus group was the fastest-growing OpenSim-related virtual community over the past six weeks.

The community, as it sounds, is dedicated to adult content and events on the hypergrid, and has grown from 282 members on January 1 to 444 members today, a growth of 162 members.

"Avatar - A Love Story" was an event on Kitely's Seanchai Library, one of many shared on The Adult Metaverse community.
“Avatar – A Love Story” was an event on Kitely’s Seanchai Library, one of many shared on The Adult Metaverse community.

Other communities that gained significant numbers of members include Second Life and Other Virtual Worlds, which grew by 126 members to 1,256, OpenSim Virtual which grew by 109 members to 1,182, and Hypergrid Events, which grew by 65 members to 186.

The Adult Metaverse also had the highest growth rate of any mid-sized or large community.

However, three small communities had higher growth rates — Island Oasis, Littlefield, and Virtual Worlds News and Gossip each more than doubled in size since the start of the year.

Of the 56 communities we are tracking, only four lost members over the past six weeks – Opinion Outpost, OpenSimulators Gridcache, OpenSim Advertise, and New World Studio. 

The following 14 communities are new to our list this month: 1DerWorld, AviLabs Virtual World, Axis Grid, Hypergrid Directory, Hypergrid Entrepreneur Group, LSL scripting, Metaverse Tours, Open Virtual, OpenSim Working Radio Streams, Opensimulator, OpenSimulator Community Conference, Secondlife & Opensim Hypergrid Role Players,  Toy Inc., and UFSGrid.

Largest metaverse communities on Google Plus

Google Plus has become the go-to destination for OpenSim users because of the platform’s convenient sharing features, support for discussions, videos, photos, and events, and the fact that Google Plus dropped their real name policy last summer.

For a full list of OpenSim-related communities, groups, and social networks, please visit Best Metaverse Communities.

Maria Korolov