Adult Metaverse community again fastest-growing

The Adult Metaverse Google Plus community continued to attract members over the past six weeks, growing by 146 members from 444 members last month to 590 members today. At the start of the year, it only had 282 members.

On the DarkShadows region on Refuge Grid. (Image courtesy Nara Malone.)

On the DarkShadows region on Refuge Grid. (Image courtesy Nara Malone.)

Second Life and other Virtual Worlds saw the next-highest growth, with 130 new members, for a new total of 1,386, followed by OpenSim Virtual with 88 new members, bringing its new total to 1,073.

OpenSim Virtual remained the largest community focused specifically on OpenSim.

We added nine new communities to our list: Corran Journal, Great Canadian Gridders eh, Olantica Grid – The Lost World, Opensim Worlds, OSGrandPrix, Seanchai Libraries, Virtual World Coffee Klatsch, Virtual Worlds, and Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable.

See the full list of Google Plus communities we’re following here.

Largest metaverse communities on Google Plus

Google Plus has become the go-to destination for OpenSim users because of the platform’s convenient sharing features, support for discussions, videos, photos, and events, and the fact that Google Plus dropped their real name policy last summer.

This month’s 15 largest communities:

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Maria Korolov

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19 Responses

  1.' Minethere says:

    Olantica has been closed for some time now, see my post date in it to confirm-))

  2. Great Canadian Grid went from about 550 to 699 which would put it 3rd on your list.

  3.' Michael Sietz says:

    DigiWorldz grew by over 200 with an increase of over 300 regions starting 1, March 2015. We can make the list next time ok?….lol

    • This is a list of online social communities…. Are there any for Digiworldz?

      •' Michael Sietz says:

        Ok, can I plead sleep deprivation here?…lol Reading is FUNdamental

      •' markjohnwiseman says:

        Can we plead that Digiworldz IS an online social community?

        • Technically, yes, lol!

          But the purpose of this list is for folks looking for a quick way — without going in-world — to find out what’s happening. And for event and content promoters to get the news out to everybody, not just the residents of their own grid.

  4.' Alex Ferraris says:

    Well Maria you should include FACEBOOK communities also ….I have facebook page and my facebook profile and those combined sum up to almost 2500 people plus the google plus one that I have 132 members now.

  5.' Alex Ferraris says:

    Why my post with the links you requested MARIA was taken down?

  6.' Bryan French says:

    Exo-Life has always used Facebook and has no interest in Google+