Linden Labs halts use of Linden Dollars in other virtual worlds

Press release: Avination required to stop transfer of Linden Dollars

London – Due to recent interaction with Linden Labs, the Avination grid is announcing that the transfer of Linden Dollars to Avination is no longer available, including payment for Avination regions via the Avination ATMs.

“Following discussions with Linden Labs they have advised that any use of Linden Dollars in payment for currency of any other virtual world, or for external services which are not used in SecondLife is in violation of their terms of service,” said Avination spokesperson Leonie Gaertner.

Avination at OSCC
The Avination Sim on the OpenSim Community Conference grid. Avination was a sponsor of the conference. (Image courtesy Avination.)


Avination management has attempted to discuss this matter with Linden Labs by reiterating the importance of this option as well as trying to understand how this is a violation of TOS, but unfortunately these talks have since broken down, she added.

“Linden Labs’ lawyers are adamant that these TOS clearly state that Linden Dollars cannot be transferred,” she said. “This stance will not just affect us as at Avination but could also see far reaching consequences for other companies considering legal use of L$, including services like Shoutcast Stream Rentals and other services rendered outside of SecondLife.”

This means an end to offering a fast and convenient way of exchanging Linden Dollars to C$.

According to Linden Labs, users of SecondLife must cash out through LindeX before using real currency to pay for services not rendered within Second Life.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you and please accept we have tried everything in our power to reach an amicable solution with Linden Labs,” Gaertner said.

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