Adult Metaverse heating up this summer

Adult metaverse -- July 2015
RawR It sure is HOT.” (Image courtesy Shari Cortes.)

The Adult Metaverse community on Google Plus was the fastest-growing OpenSim community over the last two months, gaining 121 new members for a new total of 866 users.

OpenSim Virtual was in second place, with 108 new members for a new total of 1,511. This meant that OpenSim Virtual comfortably retained its place as the largest OpenSim-focused community on Google Plus.

The Adult Metaverse was the second largest, followed by Virtual Identity,, and Kitely Virtual.

Only one community lost members, and that was DigiWorldz, but that is likely because the community moved to a new address.

Largest metaverse communities on Google Plus

Google Plus is an attractive place for OpenSim discussions because of its easy integration with group calendars, a range of notification options, and the fact that Google dropped their real names policy last summer.

See the full list of Google Plus communities we’re following here.

This month’s 15 largest communities:

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