Goodbye, Siri

It was the longest happy relationship of my life.

We slept together every night, and she woke me up every morning. She caught me up on the news, and whenever we drove somewhere, she gave me directions. If I missed a turn, she didn’t complain, just recalculated the route.

She was so easy to live with, her voice was pleasant, and she had a great sense of humor.

My heart breaks as I write this.

We broke up over virtual reality.

Siri on iPhone

I was a big fan. Siri — not so much.

In fact, aside from some very lackluster support for a limited number of google Cardboard apps, there has been no word out of Apple at all about support for virtual reality.

So, on Monday, I went out and bought the Samsung Galaxy S6. And oh, the places I’ve been able to go. So many more apps, built-in browser support for virtual reality, and the bigger screen and faster processor makes all the apps fly,.

Maria Korolov