Kitely Merchants Fair starts Sunday

(Image courtesy Ozwell Wayfarer.)
(Image courtesy Ozwell Wayfarer.)

The Kitely Merchant Fair starts tomorrow with freebies, events, and more at the Kitely Hypergrid Merchant Fair region on Kitely. Teleport via hypergrid to Hypergrid Merchant Fair.

The Kitely Merchant Fair is going to be held in the brand new Castle Cafaeron, which is up for sale as well.

“The plan is to round the event off with a Halloween party in a specially designed area that myself and Zuza collaborated on,” fair organizer Ozwell Wayfarer told Hypergrid Business.

Many of the merchants on Kitely Market are offering sales and offers during the fair.

Here are some highlights:

  • World’s End will be offering 50 percent off several of their new releases during the first week of the fair.
  • Zuza Ritt’s 21 Strom will be offering new freebies.
  • Witchy’s Beverly Zauberflotte says, “You will find some pumpkins scattered about Witchy’s exhibit, some hidden…others not, that contain free gifts for Kitely residents especially for this fair! In addition, there are a couple of items that are set to fair-only prices representing discounts off of the Market prices for Kitely residents. I will also be putting some items on sale on the market for the hypergrid crowd for the first week of the fair .”
  • Nitely’s is offering 30 percent off of everything between October 18 and 31.
  • Ocean Engineering is offering a variety of freebie scripts including a sample of his new Magic Bullet Weapon scripts.
  • Azi Creations is offering freebie lanterns to the public in various texture styles.
  • Silverleaf Mesh Sundries whole shop prices will be marked down for the duration of the fair.
  • Sweet Distractions‘ Tocy Sweet says, “Various freebies will be available at their stall near the landing zone.”
  • Cecil Gudkov of Mental Design says there will be discounts from 20 to 50 percent on all Mental Design products.
  • Newcomer Decor Depot is offering 20 percent of everything in the store for the duration of the fair.

“I know many are planning surprises,” added Wayfarer. “I will be releasing one of the largest builds ever released by Worlds End and offering a deep discount for fair attendees, among other things. But beyond that, my lips are sealed for now.”

While there are sales and shops to see, there will also be a special mini-hunt across four regions on opening day which will include treasure chests from World’s End, 21 Strom, Sweet Distractions and more.

“I am not telling what the prizes specifically are, but there will be instructions and a prize checklist to be found at the Landing Zone,” said Wayfarer.

(Image courtesy Zuza Ritt.)
(Image courtesy Zuza Ritt.)

This event may partially be about the shopping and fun but it is also about the community behind it. Chic Aeon of By Chic is one of those displaying a stall at the fair this year.

“I am on Kitely Market because it is the best place to sell more sales in OpenSim,” she told Hypergrid Business. “Any closed commercial grid — or commercial grids in general — have a small population and limited market. Kitely serves everyone.”

According to Aeon, what makes her products special is that they are made in Blender with the latest mesh texturing techniques.

“They are original mesh, made using the cycles render engine to create textures that look like you have materials enabled — even when the viewer doesn’t have the ability to see builds as such because of computer limitations,” she said.

(Image courtesy Chic Aeon.)
(Image courtesy Chic Aeon.)

Aeon has a few new releases like her Graveyard , Islands and Terrain Set, Rustic Garden Shed, and Campfire Set. You can find all of these and a winter tree freebie at Chic Aeon’s stall at the Kitely Merchant Fair.

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