Exportables continue gains on Kitely Market

Merchants continued to expand the number of exportable items listed on the Kitely Market this month, showing an increasing tolerance for selling to the broader metaverse.

Meanwhile, the number of items limited to just being used on the Kitely grid shrank for the second month in a row.

(Date courtesy Kitely Ltd.)
(Date courtesy Kitely Ltd.)

There are currently 6,131 product listings in Kitely Market, a new record high. Each product listing can contain several variations of an item, such as different colors, sizes, prices, and whether it can be exported to other grid or not.

The Kitely Market currently delivers to more than 110 different grids. All hypergrid-enabled grids, by default, can accept Kitely Market deliveries unless they specifically configure their grid settings to keep these deliveries out. Grids that are not accessible via the hypergrid can still accept Kitely Market deliveries, if they choose, by following these instructions.

The total number of product variations resumed growth this month, after a brief drop last month for housekeeping reasons. There are now a record high of 11,855 different product variations on the market, of which 7,467 are exportable. Last month, there were 11,804 variations, of which 7,319 were exportable.

Content creators looking to get into Kitely Market sales need to create a free Kitely avatar, but do not need to own land on the grid. There is a free Kitely Merchants Sandbox for them to use.

Clutterfly Shopping Center.
Clutterfly Shopping Center.

And now additional help is available, since well-known content creator Linda Kellie, together with friends, has been making free mesh kits available on her new Clutterfly World. Stop by the Clutterfly Shopping Center to pick up free kits for creating clothing, shoes, furniture and other content that can be used in any way whatsover, including commercial.

There is also another set of free, CC0 “for any use” mesh templates available for creators, the Damien Fate collection.

Both are great for new designers looking to get into the game. Even I was able to create cute new clothes to wear without any particular artistic or other skills. However, I also learned that the process of doing this requires a great deal of patience and intense attention to detail — the folks who do this are worth whatever they charge for their work!

Maria Korolov