Island Oasis opts for ‘transfer’ perm for export

(Image courtesy Island Oasis.)

(Image courtesy Island Oasis.)

The Island Oasis grid turned on hypergrid connectivity last weekend, and opted for a unique solution to the question of exporting content to other grids.

“We have done things a little different,” grid founder and COO Nicole Dreyer told Hypergrid Business. “We put the power in the hands of our content creators to decide if they want their content to travel off of Island Oasis or not.”

Content creators who want to keep their content from leaving Island Oasis and being taken to other grids can set the “no transfer” permission. If they don’t mind that customers take the content with them on their hypergrid travels, they can enable the “transfer” perm.

“That way they have the control,” said Dreyer, who is also known as “Sugar Paolino” in-world.

The grid’s currency modules also allows hypergrid visitors to shop on the grid, she added.

“We have tested our currency module and they are able to receive P’s and buy things with P’s,” she said. “We use the Podex system for hypergridders to either buy or exchange money for P’s.”

She said that the grid has been keeping an eye on the progress of the hypergrid for a while, waiting for security to get to the point where it made sense to roll it out for the grid.

“We are very excited to be a part of the greater metaverse,” she said. “We believe this is the future of all OpenSim grids.”

Island Oasis continues to offer some exclusive perks to local residents, however, including a set of “power tools” for land owners that allow estate owners to have up to five region backups that they can restore at any time, and to shut down and restart regions immediately, without having to contact customer support.

Land owners also get in-world currency stipends, and all residents have a 2 percent cashback program.

Some benefits are being extended to hypergrid visitors, however. For example, everyone, both residents and visitors, get a free land parcel that they can keep as long as they like, as long as they click a rental box once a week.

To help promote the grid and its activities to the wider metaverse, Island Oasis is looking to hire a part-time events coordinator.

Island Oasis also offers innovative ways to connect to the grid, including Facebook and Windows apps, with more apps in the works for mobile devices.

“The Facebook application allows members to login via Facebook so they can check messages, respond to IM’s, see group notices, see transaction history, export transaction history to Excel, play parcel media, and see upcoming events,” she said. “Our Island Stream app allows our members to connect without the need to install a viewer. Currently it is available for Windows but native clients are being built for iOS and Android.”

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

27 Responses

  1.' Ilan Tochner says:

    Hi Maria,

    I think it’s worth noting that Kitely implemented Copy+Transfer as the requirement for exportability of items that were not delivered from Kitely Market (which has an explicit Export permission), so basing exportability on standard permissions isn’t exactly new. See: and

    •' Damean Paolino says:

      Thank you for your insight Ilan… I don’t think the implication was that it was new, just unique among the vast majority of HG enabled grids.

    • I totally forgot about that — thanks for the reminder!

      •' Erik Mouse says:

        Wow! Maria, all we need now is Avination & the Lost Paradise Grid to join the HG, then OS will be united.
        i just bought a bunch of Land in GCG as it’s the SL Alternative for those fleeing the big grid, not i gotta check out this Island Oasis, they seem friendly while looking out for residents best interests+ will offer Kitely with its huge selection of mesh creators.

        •' Minethereé says:

          Although I am not at all sure this is the Erik Mouse I had known in inworldz (your way with words…Erik’s quite unique), but if you are, that would be cool.

          You may recall me from years ago helping you when I was the Calia Estates estate manager?. It has been awhile so no worries if you don’t recall that.

          I would love to come see what you are doing in GCG if you want to post your region there (I know the base hypergate address).

          So assuming you are he, this; “Wow! Maria, all we need now is Avination & the Lost Paradise Grid to join the HG, then OS will be united.”

          While I agree with the sentiment. Lost Paradise has been hypergate enabled since they opened ( Paradise), afaik, so you might add Virtual Highway, which similar to one or two other closed grids uses the hypergrid as one of their tools to get people in, while dissing the hypergrid in all sorts of oft facile and disingenous ways…noted here;

          take care!-))

        •' Virtec Support says:

          Lost Paradise? That is HG for a very long time

  2.' Sugar Paolino says:

    Maria. Thank you for the great article. There is a small correction though. We just turned on the Hypergrid last Sat 2/6/2016, not last year. But again thank you and we are very excited for the future of Island Oasis.

    Sugar Paolino

  3.' XMIR Grid says:

    Using transfer as the export criteria is IMO not a good approach at all and I’ll give a couple examples:

    In SL the most requested permission on a range of product categories is Modify + Copy. People will simply not purchase or even bother to pick up a free item without this permission set. By adding Transfer, you essentially have made the product FULL PERM, which is most likely not the intention of the creator. The effect could be that items with Modify + Copy in reality becomes non-exportable.

    Setting Copy + Transfer where an economy exist is basically giving the first buyer the possibility of selling unlimited copies of the item, which could ruin the creator’s business. This permission is therefore frowned at in SL and you’ll see restrictions in the terms of FULL PERM items they cannot be sold Copy + Transfer. The exception is scripts that sometimes are distributed with an otherwise full perm item, and the creator does not want to expose the inner workings of the script.

    •' Carlos Loff says:

      Opensim is not SL, tiers are low, it is not a place to make money is a place to live interesting virtual lives, let´s face it !!!

    •' Damean Paolino says:

      I’ll point out that we’re not setting the transfer perm on behalf of our residents content creators… we’re merely inspecting the perms that they set before we allow our HG visitors to take the content off of IO.

  4.' Jim Tarber says:

    Just my opinion, but I think this needs more thought before permissions are abandoned in this way. Due to the nature of enforced permissions on the HyperGrid, or the lack thereof, any permissions not enforced on exit are effectively removed entirely. If a grid does not enforce no-copy on exit, there is effectively no protection of no-copy permissions on that grid. Likewise for no-mod. Anything no-mod or no-copy that is allowed to leave is effectively allowed to reenter as full perm.

    •' Jim Tarber says:

      I do want to also point out though that permissions are effectively DRM, and if you just want to sell things without DRM (on the honor system) without permissions protections, then this makes sense. I buy a lot of books from Packt Publishing because they are DRM-free.

      It’s just that usually it’s the creator not the grid who makes that decision to go DRM-free. Creators already have the ability to mark their products as unenforced permissions by selling them full-perm, so allowing permissions-restricted items to leave a grid is in my opinion overriding the creators’ wishes. It may also violate their licenses.

      •' Sugar Paolino says:

        Jim, I think you misunderstood what we have done in island oasis. We put the power of items leaving over the hypergrid in the content creators hands. They can choose what permissions they would like for their items. If they choose they do not want their item or items leaving island oasis they would simply make that product no trans. If they have a license for island oasis only then they would make their items no trans and it will not leave IO. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no perfect system for determining exportability but for the creators in Island Oasis this works very well for them. So as you can see we are in no way overriding the creators’ wishes or violating any licenses they may have.

        •' Jim Tarber says:

          I’m sorry, but that’s not looking at it from the creators’ point of view. If the new rules apply to existing content as well as new content, then the creators had already chosen their permissions, before this change, and chosen *not* to make something full-perm. And are you making it clear to creators of new objects there that no-copy objects are effectively meaningless now? Or that no-mod is meaningless unless they also make it no-trans?

          Objects are either full-perm or restricted in some way, and overloading the transfer perm to mean “exportable” means that the creators who have explicitly chosen to give their creations *restricted* permissions no longer get the restrictions. If you have not implemented the Export permission (something Avination spec’d with Singularity, but only InWorldz has implemented so far), then the previous choice was to use creator-based restrictions like SL, or the weaker protection of not making an object full perm in order to protect it. This leaves 1) Export permission (only in InWorldz), 2) creator-only exports, 3) full-perm only exports. This change to not even enforce the weakest of the three protection mechanisms (full-perm only) means that no-mod/no-copy items can now be taken on the HyperGrid and made full-perm. (HyperGrid effectively means full-perm, since anyone can take something to their own region where they are a god user.)

          Of course it’s your choice to open up to HyperGrid, and to further weaken protections by exposing no-mod/no-copy items to the HyperGrid, but it’s disingenuous to present that as permissions-protected and some kind of feature for creators. It’s entirely a convenience feature for end users, *in spite of* creators’ wishes.

          •' Cinder Biscuits says:

            Just a small note, YrGrid has had the export permission functional and enabled as well for a number of months as it was ported from InWorldz/Halcyon.

          •' Jim Tarber says:

            Good point, YrGrid also has adopted the Halcyon permissions code and thus benefits from an explicit Export permissions checkbox for creators.

          •' Damean Paolino says:

            Cinder, where can I d/l the source code for the Export perm and would you know a good viewer developer that could assist us in incorporating it’s support into our viewer?

        •' Joe Creator says:

          Welcome to the Hypergrid! Sugar.

          No Worries you explained
          everything well it’s just some posters like to debunk other grids so
          they can go back to the one they dwell in and not everyone who debates here supports the Hypergrid or Open Sim but uses topics as a way to make themselves look better in the eyes of supporters when they want to disprove an idea.

          Your doing whats best for your residents that’s what counts while helping create a larger community on the hypergrid.

          Best Wish’s to you Sugar!

          •' Minethereé says:

            @Joe Creator…I don’t especially like responding to people who don’t make disqus accounts so they will at least appear more in a “stand behind my words” kinda thing. But….

            “Welcome to the Hypergrid! Sugar.
            No Worries you explained
            everything well it’s just some posters like to debunk other grids so
            they can go back to the one they dwell in and not everyone who debates here supports the Hypergrid or Open Sim but uses topics as a way to make themselves look better in the eyes of supporters when they want to disprove an idea.

            Your doing whats best for your residents that’s what counts while helping create a larger community on the hypergrid.
            Best Wish’s to you Sugar!”

            You comment does somewhat mirror my own thinking, and I am always happy to see people comment who have not been corrupted by disinformation.

            However, you can be sure many lurkers see through such obvious statements those people do. I have always thought that it is good they keep doing such things as it is instructive to the more enlightened among us.

            thanx for the segua!!-))

          •' Sugar Paolino says:

            Thank you Joe for the warm welcome. I know there is no perfect solution to protect all content but we have and always will do our best that we can do to protect content but still have the option of the hypergrid.

          •' Jim Tarber says:

            Well Joe, since you’re trying to speak to my motivations here, I will tell you the actual reasons I commented at all.

            I am a strong proponent of leaving the choice in the hands of the creators, for whether their content is protected by a grid or not. Not the end users. And I see both sides to that, and in fact lately I’ve been posting my stuff as CC0, for anyone to use, on any grid, for free. But as the person who implemented permissions on one grid, it’s the half-way approaches that provide neither open access to the content, nor protect the content, that weaken both. I don’t want to see this elimination of the transfer permission in favor of using it as the export permission spreading to other grids.

            If a grid owner wants to put the choice of exporting into the hands of the creators, the best solution is to implement the Export permission, as IW and YrGrid have done. Claiming there is no perfect solution and just going ahead and re-using an existing permissions option is in my opinion not a step forward. The Export permission option is a great solution, and does not break the existing permissions choices already being used by creators.

            But as you said, in the end it is the choice of the residents that counts, so they will be the judges of whether this is good or not. And as I mentioned earlier, the convenience to end users on a specific grid may outweigh the need to give content creators an option for no-trans permission. In fact some grids might want to disable permissions entirely, and that is supported in OpenSim. In fact, that’s one of the loopholes when HyperGrid is enabled from a grid that does make use of permissions.