Multi-grid treasure hunt starts April 15

The Hyperica Hall, the OpenSim Treasure Hunt headquarters.
The Hyperica Hall, the OpenSim Treasure Hunt headquarters.

The second multi-grid OpenSim Treasure Hunt begins in two weeks, and there is still time for grids and region owners to participate.

Promote your destination by picking up a stand from Hyperica at, Tangle Grid at Station 1, or WestWorld grid at, or download an IAR file online.

“You will need to pick up a new hunt kit,” Tangle Grid co-founder Leslie Kling told Hypergrid Business. “The old one will not work.”

After rezzing the stand, click on it to get the OpenSim Treasure Hunt Kit.

For more information or technical details, visit this page or contact Leslie Kling at

Prizes include a $135 Fibrum virtual reality headset, Bluetooth speakers, and cash. If you would like to offer a prize, you can sign up as a sponsor. See the full list of sponsors and previous prize winners here.

The first OpenSim Treasure Hunt began on January 31, and wound up including 87 regions on 22 different grids.

“I enjoyed zipping around the hypergrid and seeing all the different places,” said one participant. “Finding the objects on some of the places was challenging at times — especially on huge varregions!”
Maria Korolov