DreamWorld OpenSim installer released

DreamWorld. (Image courtesy Fred Beckhunsen.)

DreamWorld. (Image courtesy Fred Beckhunsen.)

OutWorldz founder Fred Beckhusen has posted his collection of 1,000 OpenSim scripts on the open source collaboration site GitHub, as well as the code for his one-click OpenSim installer, called DreamWorld.

Like New World Studio before, DreamWorld makes it easy to install a mini-grid on a personal computer, together with the Firestorm viewer needed to access it.

New World Studio has been abandoned by its creator, Virrea CEO Olivier Battini,  but the code was not donated to the community. The Google Plus community hasn’t been updated since 2013, and neither has its Facebook group, and Battini’s LinkedIn page shows that he stopped being the CEO of Virrea in 2014 and is now — if Google Translate got this right — a “machining technician” specializing in “lathe milling.”

But DreamWorld doesn’t have all the functionality that New World Studio did, which offered an easy choice of avatars, starting regions, and hypergrid connectivity.

In addition, the project needs some work, Beckhusen told Hypergrid Business.

Fred Beckhusen

Fred Beckhusen

“All it really needs is a fresher Sim-on-a-Stick and OnLook to make a nice standalone system,” he said.

OnLook is a version of the Singularity viewer created by Crista Lopes, also known as “Diva Canto,” an OpenSim core developer, inventor of the hypergrid and professor of informatics at UC Irvine. However, it hasn’t been updated since 2014, according to its GitHub site. OnLook allows organizations such as schools and museums to enable a stripped-down viewer interface for their users.

Sim-on-a-Stick, which was popular with educators, is also no longer updated. The latest version uses OpenSim 0.8.0, which came out in 2014.

However, Sim-on-a-Stick is based on Lopes’ Diva Distro of OpenSim. The Diva Distro is up-to-date — the current version of it is based on OpenSim, which is the most recent official release. That means that folks who download Sim-on-a-Stick can use the built-in update utility to get caught up.

The Diva Distro makes it a little easier to install a mini-grid version of OpenSim on a personal computer, and some hosting companies also offer hosted versions running on servers. All the regions are run on a single instance of the software, so it can’t get too much larger than 16 regions or so, but the advantage is that it doesn’t require a separate grid server, like full-scale grids do, so it’s easier and cheaper to set up and maintain.

Sim-on-a-Stick creator Ener Hax.

Sim-on-a-Stick creator Ener Hax.


Sim-on-a-Stick makes installation even easier, by bundling the Diva Distro in a nice package that can, in fact, be run off of a USB stick.

DreamWorld, in turn, simplifies even that.

“I made it to load Firestorm, and put it on a DVD for a charity to give out,” said Beckhusen about how DreamWorld first came to be. “You just popped the DVD in, and it auto-played, installed Sim-on-a-Stick and Firestorm so you can see mesh, with an icon already set with the correct login URI.”

Beckhusen previously made a 911 emergency call product that uses the same approach, and it is currently used by around 800 schools and more than 400 hospitals, including the Veterans Administration.

“One server we just sold to a well-known telephone company runs 30,000 of them,” he added.

When he’s not making stuff for OpenSim, Beckhusen is president of Texas-based Micro Technology Services, Inc.

“The DVD was to be a thank you gift for donating to a horse rescue group, which is why it is a western town with my rideable mesh horse,” he said. “The idea was that a contribution each month would get you fresh new content to ride on, and it did a good deed for sick horses.”

Western Town. (Image courtesy Linda Kellie.)

Western Town. (Image courtesy Linda Kellie.)

The default region uses the Western Town OAR by Linda Kellie, which is licensed CC0 — effectively a public domain license. Linda Kellie’s OARs and other content can be used by anyone for any purpose, can be modified, and can even be resold.

His latest project is an OpenSim installer for the Raspberry Pi, a mini-computer with about six million users.

It creates a hypergrid-enabled region and automatically connects it to OSgrid, he said.

“I have it running on a Pi Model B+, and it’s simple to use,” he said. “I hope to release it soon. Maybe it will be used to make it easy for schools and hobbyists to use their Pi’s.”

Beckhusen said he was inspired to release DreamWorld to the public by Ramesh Ramloll, CEO of DeepSemaphore LLC, which makes the OpenSim-based RezMela training simulation development platform.

There were also some health issues that made him “feel mortal,” he said. “I can barely type any more due to neck issues.”

He has also shared a full export of the OutWorldz content with another OpenSim developer as a backup, and made arrangements for the OutWorldz site to continue in case anything happened.

“I may never see OpenSimulator at 1.0, but I can dream about it,” Beckhusen said.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

22 Responses

  1. da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

    Wow cool great stuff!

  2. fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

    It is wonderful to see how some folks really care about OS and make a huge difference – I intent to make my contribution to this kind of people, the best way I can, on my next Inworld creations, just trying to figure out where I start – LONG LIFE TO OPENSIM, and let´s get ready to embrace all those SLrs that soon will flock into US, fleeing from an unfortunately decaying SL, due to Samsar imposition

  3. geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' XMIR Grid says:

    So to summarize, he has packed up an outdated version of OpenSim in the form of an outdated Sim-on-a-Stick, with content made by others. Is this really news?

    The share of scripts is nice though!

    • fred.beckhusen@gmail.com' Fred Beckhusen says:

      “Easy Opensim” might be news to some people. This installer automates the copying and installing of many files from a single zip, and it installs both server and client, ready to run.

      You can copy any Sim-On-A-Stick you want into the /Dreamworld folder and it will install it. I am basically asking for help in improving this, or even rewriting it, as the latest Sim-on-a-Stick is outdated and needs some love. mySQL needs help, too.

      Opensim is made by many people. That is something we should all celebrate.

    • fatrunningwhilds@aol.com' Waiting for OS 2.0 says:

      XMIR you have the right to express your views like everyone, but maybe consider how your comments are communicated? for me it looks like your being highly rude while doing what so many have done in the past!…marginalize and belittle contributions to OS no matter how small or large from others, in time demotivating people to contribute, utterly helping stagnate the very platform you confess to support.

      I am certain that is not your intention and many appreciate your work in viewers, nevertheless the comment appeared aggressive,perhaps being somewhat unkind.

      • geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' XMIR Grid says:

        It is not unkind to point out someone making an outdated and buggy version of OpenSim a marketing gimmick for themselves. If it was a current version it would be great, but this is just close to pathetic. It is like offering Windows Vista as the brand spanking new.

        I am sorry if that offends you.

        • fred.beckhusen@gmail.com' Fred Beckhusen says:

          It is now using the latest version of Sim On a Stick, which is 0.8.0. I am sure it can be updated to the latest code base – 0.8.2 – some day. But there are more important things with higher priority needed than just running at the bleeding edge of things.

  4. n.j.zwart@gmail.com' Nick Zwart says:

    It’s a good re-start…

  5. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

    It’s always good to consider the person behind such things…mortality…best regards Fred.

  6. arcane333@gmail.com' Gunnar Schwede says:

    I had been using ‘New World Studio’ years ago, until it was suddenly abandoned by the owner Olivier Battini. When he re-surfaced, he seemed to be very enthusiastic about continuing his NWS project but was always complaining about the users, their ‘demands’ and ‘complains’ as well as that ‘he is doing this at his free time, with no compensation’. A few of us decided to fund his efforts and a while later he decided to make NWS a pay product. Can’t remember what was charged, I think $10.00 or so. In any case, it wasn’t all that much.
    Despite all of this, one day he just disappeared again for the second time and hasn’t resurfaced yet. Perhaps now he has better luck with lathe milling..
    Since OpenSim is not the easiest system to set up, I am certain, a lot of folks shy away from the install procedure. It is great, Fred Beckhusen is taking the initiative to come up with an easier method. The more people use Opensim……

    • karakellyaz@gmail.com' Kara Kelly says:

      I still use NWS because it’s easy. I can’t get mesh to load at all, no matter which viewer but I enjoy using it to build everything else, save the oars and then when it’s ready for action, run it in SOAS. I miss Ener bunches and wish she’d at least keep up with SOAS and make it a little easier.

      • arcane333@gmail.com' Gunnar Schwede says:

        Kara, try Diva Distro’s version. Equally as easy to set up and you always get the latest build..

        • karakellyaz@gmail.com' Kara Kelly says:

          I do but mostly via SOAS. Do you know off hand if when it updates it updates mySQL? As for updating now, I’m still a little reluctant to do it til the bugs get smoothed out so still using the SOAS version prior to this update. Thanks!

  7. supersuzym@yahoo.com' Suzy Silverweb says:

    Nice news article Maria–and Thank You Fred! Even though I run some regions currently on OSGrid from my home computer and I’m slightly technically able to get opensim going, I’m looking forward to trying this out. I’m a big fan of your work and especially enjoy the riding horse and the NPC cat 🙂 I’m also planning to humbly share some of my builds, creations and regions with OS community—certainly not even close in skill or as noteworthy as yours and the other developers, but perhaps they would be something for others to enjoy. All the best to you and speedy healing on your health issue.

  8. fred.beckhusen@gmail.com' Fred Beckhusen says:

    Grins. Yes, the same horse ported to Opensim. It’s still available at the HG address http://www.outowrldz.com:9000 in the village in Virunga. There is a box behind the horse that waiting in the street

  9. fred.beckhusen@gmail.com' Fred Beckhusen says:

    Thanks a million, Graham. In prims.

  10. rayneee1@gmail.com' rayne says:

    i used outworldz installer and the sim came up fine, and i can sign in on that computer, but i can’t sign on from another computer and when i use the hypergrid link it shows location not found. is there support for this anywhere? thanks !!

  11. IrisDolphin2@yahoo.com' Iris Dolphin says:

    Oh Fred Beckhusen…. so sorry I missed the video.. this is something I have been trying to do for a long time.. take my Simonadisk and make it hypergird compatiable just for me.. not really for anyone to log onto but just so I could have a stable HG home..