Reader poll: Most say OpenSim needs VR

Adapting OpenSim to work on virtual reality headsets will require a substantial amount of work on both server and viewer code. Is this something that OpenSim users want to see happen?

(Hypergrid Business data.)
(Hypergrid Business data.)

According to a survey conducted on this site this week, 79 percent of OpenSim users think that VR is “very important” or “somewhat important” to the future of OpenSim.

Only 7 percent said that VR is a passing fad, and 10 percent said that OpenSim has its own strengths and would survive on its own.

A full quarter of OpenSim users said that VR is the future of technology, and OpenSim risks becoming irrelevant without VR support. And another 20 percent said that with VR support, OpenSim has the chance to become the foundational technology of the virtual reality metaverse.

The plurality of respondents, 34 percent, said that VR was somewhat important, but that having VR support will attract more users to OpenSim.

Based on this survey, there is interest in the OpenSim community to get OpenSim working in virtual reality.

This will involving back-end work on the server software to improve the framerates, as well as a new viewer that will work on virtual reality headsets.

If anyone is interested on working on this, please email me at and maybe we can get a coordinated campaign going, and get some prizes, bounties, or crowdfunding support behind the project, or respond in the comments below.

(I’ve just run a random generator and picked three of the respondents to get a VR headset — keep an eye out for my email asking you for your mailing address.)


Maria Korolov