Report: Daydream sales to pass Rift, Vive

Customers will purchase more than 450,000 Google Daydream View headsets by the end of the year, according to SuperData Research.

Estimated 2016 unit sales. (Data courtesy SuperData Research.)
Estimated 2016 unit sales. (Data courtesy SuperData Research.)

Samsung’s Gear VR, Daydream’s closest competitor, is estimated to sell around 2.3 million units. However, the headset has been on the market for over a year. Daydream View will hit the market in November, Google announced today.

Daydream’s predecessor, Google Cardboard, has more than 100 manufacturers producing compatible headsets and estimated sales in the tens of millions of units.

The Google Cardboard app, which is recommended for every smartphone used with a Cardboard-compatible headset, has had over 10 million downloads for Android alone, but many users, especially those in China, use local-language calibration apps instead or don’t download a calibration app at all and instead use the default settings.

Sony’s PlayStation VR is expected to capitalize on its existing PlayStation install base. SuperData predicts that 2.6 million PlayStation VR headsets will be sold this year.

SuperData has also released some growth projections.

Predicted growth for Daydream View. (Data courtesy SuperData Research.)
Predicted growth for Daydream View. (Data courtesy SuperData Research.)

Daydream sales will reach more than 14 million units in 2020, SuperData predicted.

The research firm also provided VR revenue predictions to Hypergrid Business.

Predicted VR industry revenues. (Data courtesy SuperData Research.)
Predicted VR industry revenues, in millions. (Data courtesy SuperData Research.)

Industry revenues are expected to reach nearly $18 billion in 2019, up from $2.7 billion this year.


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