Sunglasses that record 360 degree videos get crowdfunded

(Image courtesy ORBI Prime.)

(Image courtesy ORBI Prime.)

The Orbi  sunglasses, which film 360-degree videos, have just reached their crowdfunding goal. The glasses raised $88,568 from 269 Indiegogo backers in just a week, and there are still three weeks to go if you’re interested in helping the company reach its stretch goals.

The light-weight, water-resistant glasses connect wirelessly to a smartphone to easily film and share 360-degree videos. All the stiching and conversions are done automatically by the apps, and users can immediately post them to YouTube. Built-in batteries and storage allow for up to 90 minutes of shooting.

Early backers will be able to get the glasses for $350 a pair, which is about in line with the current crop of consumer-grade 360-degree cameras like the 360fly and the Samsung Gear 360.



(Image courtesy ORBI Prime.)

(Image courtesy ORBI Prime.)

The ORBI Prime sunglasses have two front-facing cameras and two rear-facing cameras and come in five colors.

“The video is captured and stored on the eyeglasses, and then stitched with a phone app,” Orbi spokesperson Scott Hughes told Hypergrid Business.

Each of the lenses has a field of view of 170 degrees field of view with stabilization added during post-processing.


(Image courtesy ORBI Prime.)

(Image courtesy ORBI Prime.)

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3 Responses

  1.' Carlos Loff says:

    Hummmm, very interesting, I believe glasses are the future nd the way to go – Google glasses came up to early – But remember, these glasses are just cameras, nothing else, they do not perform any immersion, so 350 ? Not expensive at all but a Teta or other – 1camera = 1 shoot 360 are cheaper, top quality and Im pretty sure it has small cheap accessories to plant them in helmets, etc

    • I think you’re paying for the miniaturization, form factor, and convenience here. I’ve tried a few 360-degree cameras, and some do a better job at making it easy to create and share 360-degree videos than others, and I think that ease of use right now is a huge factor in adoption.

      However — as with all such technology — don’t spend more money than you can afford to lose because chances are, whatever you buy, will be obsolete very very soon. I hear that there are manufacturers currently working on a glasses-style form factor that support VR *and* supports AR *and* supports video *and* facial tracking *and* positional tracking.

      All it takes is cameras and very small computers. And we’ve got both now and if it’s not small enough today it will be tomorrow.

      • And, as with any crowdfunding project, that “don’t spend more money than you can afford to lose” goes DOUBLE. Many crowdfunding projects run into unexpected problems, or aren’t able to deliver for one reason or another.

        Think of it as a strong vote — you’re telling companies that you’re interested enough in these kinds of products that you’re willing to put some money in it. So even if this particular company doesn’t make it, others will be watching, will see the level of interest, and plan their research and development accordingly.