SkyLife, Sinful merge grids

Sinful Grid Welcome Center. (Image courtesy Sinful Grid.)
Sinful Grid Welcome Center. (Image courtesy Sinful Grid.)

SkyLifeGrid, launched after the most recent collapse of AviWorlds, has now merged with the Sinful Grid.

Josh Boam
Josh Boam

However, SkyLife will continue offering hosting services, owner Josh Boam told Hypergrid Business, on the website.

SkyLifeGrid originally launched as Digitaleisure in late August with a controversial offer to migrate content from the AviWorlds grid to the new grid without the permission of the previous owner.

This time, however, all content is being handled properly, said Sinful Grid founder and CEO Tony Moore.

“No licensed content is moved without written consent of the creator, the users that have merged all have given this consent,” Moore told Hypergrid Business.

Residents can also have their inventories moved over, but again, with respect for content licenses.

“You will be able to keep all your inventory items that you have full rights too but we filter our IARs for protection of creators’ rights,” said Boam.

Residents can also get copies of the filtered inventory files so that can move their avatars to any other grid.

“And if the users give us a signed agreement that all the content on the region belongs to them and that they have full rights to all the content that is on the region we will provide OARs as well,” said Boam, referring to region export files, which are backup files of entire regions and all the content on them.

Boam, along with Destiny Moore and XxX Colman, is also one of the owners of Sinful Grid, Moore said.

Sinful Grid Welcome Center. (Image courtesy Sinful Grid.)
Sinful Grid Welcome Center. (Image courtesy Sinful Grid.)

“The merging of Skylife Grid and Sinful Grid was a joint decision and effort, no one bought the other out,” he added. “We are teaming up for the best of all the parties involved.”

Boam, who has a background in OpenSim technology, had little previous experience in community building. Two years ago, a previous incarnation of the SkyLifeGrid peaked at just 68 active monthly users. This time around, even with the AviWorlds transfers, the grid topped out at around 140 monthly users.

By comparison, Sinful Grid, which launched this spring, is already up to around 400 active users a month.

“I haven’t the time to keep up with all the in-world support requests and keep the grids running well,” Boam said. “I do better with hosting and content creation and this is where I will focus.”

Boam also added that he is experimenting with virtual reality technology.

“I recently purchased the HTC Vive and have been looking to develop with Unreal for room scale experiences,” he said. “OpenSim is great but I feel that there is so much more out there that at this moment needs to be explored.”

But he will continue to provide hosting and consulting services for OpenSim, grids, he said.

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