OpenSim prices drop to average of $15 per region

OpenSim’s average region price has dropped to $15 per standard region, down from $18 last February.

Average prices of a standard region on OpenSim grids. Shaded area is the full range of prices. (Hypergrid Business data.)

The lowest price for a region dropped slightly to $4.90 a month, at Tranquility, while the highest price fell from $60 to $50 a month.

The median region price also fell, from $15 to $13 per month.

In addition, some grids run special offers, lowering these prices even further if you pick the right time to rent.

Furthermore, many grids over bulk discounts or variable-sized regions. Kitely, for example, offers a 16-region varregion with up to 120,000 prims for $40 a month, which comes out to just $2.50 per standard-sized region.

The prices on the list below are for a standard, 256 by 256 square region which can hold 15,000 prims. In those cases where a grid didn’t offer that particular combination — which was often — I used the next larger size.

Many grids, for example, routinely offer 30,000 or 45,000 prims per region or variable-sized regions so that customers get more land area, and more prims, for the same price.

Meanwhile, Second Life lowered prices this past week as well, from $249 to $229 a month. Those prices don’t include all the fees that Second Life customers pay, however. Most OpenSim grids offer free unlimited uploads and groups in addition to unique features such as being able to upload and download entire regions or inventories in the form of OAR or IAR files, or teleports to other grids.

Second Life does, however, have a dramatically larger user base.

As a result, OpenSim is a good location for people and organizations who bring their own communities with them, and are looking for low land prices with maximum freedom and flexibility. OpenSim is a good destination for schools and nonprofits, role-playing groups, and people who are interested in building and creating.

Some creators use OpenSim for staging. They rent regions or mini-grids and use them for collaborative building, then upload the finished projects to Second Life.

In addition, both land sales and concurrent users have been trending downwards in Second Life for several years, while OpenSim land and active users have generally been trending up, making OpenSim a promising place to find brand-new customers. In particular, with OpenSim’s popularity with schools and non-profits — most of whom don’t show up in the stats because their grids are behind the firewall — there’s a demand for high-quality commercial content and the budgets to pay for it. The Kitely Market, for example, now delivers to 345 OpenSim grids, both private and public.

The current list of land prices for OpenSim regions


3rd Life Grid $15 45,000
3rd Rock Grid $15 15,000
92 Miles Grid $5 20,000
Alife Virtual $20 15,000
AnonGrid $5 45,000
AnSky $35 15,000
Atek Grid $9 45,000
AviWorlds $10 15,000
Baller Nation $7 20,000
Breath in Freedom $6 20,000
DigiWorldz $16 16,000
Discovery Grid $23 30,000
Dynamic Worldz $10 16,000
Encore Escape $10 15,000
Eros Resort $15 15,000
Exo-Life $50 20,000
GerGrid $20 15,000
GeVolution $10 20,000
Great Canadian Grid $8 15,000
JokaydiaGrid $17 15,000
Kitely $14.95 15,000
Littlefield $15 30,000
Logicamp $9 15,000
Metropolis $32 45,000
Mobius Grid $20 20,000
Naras Nook $5
Neverworld $7.50 15,000
Nextlife World $22 15,000
Panthera Grid $10 20,000
Party Destination Grid $14 15,000
Rev World $45 15,000
TAG $15 15,000
Tangle Grid $15 15,000
The Public World $22 15,000
The Social Mouse $10 22,500
Tranquility $4.90 16,000
Virtual Islands $11 15,000
Virtual Life Brasil $5 15,000
Virtuality Grid $12 20,000
WestWorld Grid $10 15,000
ZetaWorlds $8 15,000
Zindraya $15 20,000


Maria Korolov