Gloebits back from outage

Gloebitsville in Tangle Grid has free shops available. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

The multi-grid Gloebit payment system has recovered from a major outage it suffered earlier this month, company CEO Christopher Colosi told Hypergrid Business.

The platform is based on Amazon’s Web Services cloud hosting platform.

Christopher Colosi

“It seems like our AWS servers got into a really bad state and wouldn’t recover on their own or with the standard reboot commands,” said Colosi. “We’ve resolved it, but we’ve still got a lot of investigating to do to try to prevent something like that in the future.”

According to the company, about 50 different OpenSim grids currently support the currency on some or all of their regions, including OSgrid, DigiWorldz, Discovery Grid, 3rd Rock Grid,  Mobius, Logicamp, Zetamex,  Dynamic Worldz, Alternative Metaverse. and Terra Nova.

Learn how to shop with Gloebits here. Get a list of Gloebit shopping destinations here. Sign up to be a Gloebit grid or merchant here and get more information about accepting Gloebits here.

Colosi used to run the Second Life Marketplace and the Lindex exchange. He is also pitching Gloebits as a currency to non-OpenSim platforms and online games and virtual reality apps, and the broader the user base, the more stable the currency.

Gloebit first launched in the summer of 2016. and began allowing merchants to cash out their Gloebit income in the spring of 2017. Since then, Gloebits quickly grew into being the most popular multi-grid payment system in OpenSim, surpassing Podex back in 2018.

(Image courtesy ZanGrid.)

And the platform is still evolving.

“The next feature I was hoping to roll out was to let merchants refund a user from their transaction history page,” said Colosi.

However, this new feature will take longer than expected because of COVID-19, he said.

“With this pandemic and having no pre-school, I’ve got very little time to push things forward, so it may be awhile,” he said.

Support has also slowed down, he admitted. “People have absolutely been waiting longer than normal to get support responses, for the same reason.”

Maria Korolov