Sinespace demoes new virtual world

Sinespace, a Unity-based virtual world platform from former OpenSim core developer Adam Frisby, has a new ready-to-go virtual world for meetings and education, called Breakroom.

The world requires that users install desktop — mobile versions are in the works. The platform starts at $500 a month for up to 50 users, and is free for educators.

The platform can support dynamic whiteboards, virtual meetings, and group quizzes, and users can create shared 3D environments.

Adam Frisby

“The best 3D learning activities in virtual worlds utilize the immersive nature of the space, visiting distant lands, using things such as the Smithsonian 3D scan library means you can bring students to the content being explored, enhancing learning outcomes,” Frisby told Hypergrid Business. “Virtual worlds offer not just the ability to replicate a classroom, but enhance it in ways that are too expensive or simply impossible to do.”