Skypads now available for free renting on Tangle grid

(Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

Tangle grid offers free skypads on the Skylife Properties region for people who want to set up private homes, private clubs, and other services.

A skypad is a small island floating in the sky above a region, allowing users a plot of land with more privacy than traditional home plots on the ground level land surface of a region.

Those interested can visit the region and click on the ATM stand to get them, and each of the skypad measures 56 by 64, said Leslie Kling, co-founder of Tangle Grid.

“They are for Tangle Grid residents and hypergrid travelers to rent,” she told Hypergrid Business. “They get 850 prims to play with. We also have some free skyboxes they can pick up for free and drop them on their skypad.”

Those interested can also take a look at what they want first by clicking on the region map or the ATM stand to teleport before clicking on the stand with the poster “Rent this Lot.” Those who get the pads will also need to renew ownership each month by clicking on the ATM stand once.

Skypad. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

“For the privacy on allotted region, you live side by side,” she said. “The pad nearest to you would be over 300 meters away.”

“On the ground below is water so we really don’t want people to build there but just on the pad above,” she said. “Basically you are building your home way up in the sky away from other people. We have a few sky boxes they can grab to place on the pad but they don’t have to use them.”