Nuna Gallery premieres illuminated novel Sunday

(Image courtesy Numa Gallery.)

Birdland, an illuminated novel by Luciwa Peregrine, premieres tomorrow, Sunday, Aug. 29, at the Nuna Gallery on 3rd Rock Grid.

The hypergrid address is Nuna Gallery.

The opening is at 11 a.m. Pacific time, and then the book will be a temporary exhibit at the gallery for people to visit later.

Birdland by Luciwa Peregrine

Birdland is a novel that defies categories. It is a fairytale written for adults, an adventure story with plenty of silliness, and a fun read with colorful art brightening its pages.

The world of Birdland pours from nine year old Lucy’s imagination; it is a birdless land where people pretend to be birds.  A wonderful fairytale, and a fun read with colorful artworks.  When Lucy leaves Birdland, the world she has created remains to take care of itself. 

Book two returns to this magical land.  A woman is discovered on the beach by Pierrot, a Birdlander, who is convinced that she is the grown up Lucy.  Has their creator returned?

Amid a swirl of academic intrigue, in book three,  Pierrot helps Lucy out of her magic land and back to her “real” world.  Civil war rages in Falde and people caught wearing pretend beaks are often locked up in asylums.

The launch will feature a presentation by the author with an opportunity to ask her questions, and an exhibition of art from the book. Manuscripts illuminated with art in this way were common prior to the arrival of the Gutenberg Press. Authors and copyists added drawings and paintings into the margins as they hand-made their codices, each copy having its own characterful picture narrative.

Digital copies of Birdland will be available for purchase in inworld currency at a discount, with hardcover, paperback and e-book versions also available through the Numa Gallery website book store.

The book is also available in hardcover at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon in Brazil, and can be read online at Scribd.

Leslie Tabor