Grids announce holiday events, hunts, freebies, and activities

Christmas is coming up and so are the other winter holidays, and OpenSim grids have a lot of holiday-themed events, Christmas hunts, contests, freebies, shops, and winter activities for you.

(Image courtesy TanGleGrid.)

Christmas Ball Hunt kicks off next week in Tangle grid

Tangle Grid is hosting a Christmas Ball Hunt adventure that starts on December 15 and runs through January 15, 2022 where users can play and win T$5,000 by searching and collecting a total of 200 Christmas Balls from regions across the entire grid.

Regions participating in the hunt get an item pack containing items such as free Christmas hats, Christmas balls, Christmas Hunt huds, and links they can place on their regions and which visitors can click to collect points, take home, or find information on the hunt.

Participants will have to collect the Christmas Balls score HUD from the Hunt stand, then wear it in order to collect the balls. The first one to collect all 200 special Christmas Balls wins the prize.

(Image courtesy TangleGrid.)

The event is open to hypergrid visitors. Winners will need to make an account with Tangle Grid to collect their prize. The winner will be free to spend the money on land and other items or request a cash out to their PayPal account.

To start, visit HG Station 1 via the hypergrid.

Christmas and New Year parties at Wyldwood Bayou

Wyldwood Bayou grid and Rockin’ the Blues club will be hosting parties on Christmas Eve on December 24, Christmas Day on December 25, on New Year’s Eve on December 31, and Yule celebrations on December 19 at the Wyldwood Bayou region.

Christmas Eve kicks off at 6 p.m. and runs until 9 p.m. Pacific Time. It will feature an evening of Blues and Christmas tunes played by DJ Riker and DJ Kith. DJ Kith will host the Christmas Day celebrations starting at 6 p.m. Pacific time, featuring an evening of Christmas tunes, and Rockin’ the Blues.

Harmony Beningborough or in-world known as Harmony.

“This evening will be a gathering of friends wishing to have someone to spend the holiday with, and will feature wonderful Blues music, fun, and friendship,” grid spokeswoman Harmony Beningborough told Hypergrid Business. “We wish everyone safe, joyous, and blessed holidays and a wonderful New Year filled with love and warmth, happiness and prosperity!”

The hypergid address is Bayou.

On Dec. 19, the Wyldwood Bayou Roleplay Group’s Winter Solstice — also known as the Yule ceremony — kicks off at  11 a.m. Pacific Time in Grove.

“The holiday marks the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and celebrates the rebirth of the sun and the beginning of winter,” she said. “It is one of the oldest winter celebrations known. The winter solstice is the longest night and shortest day of the year.”

“Medi-Fantasy attire is appreciated but not required. Colors are gold, silver, red, green, and white,” she added.

The hypergrid address is Roleplay Hub.

Then, on Dec. 31, starting at 6 p.m., visit the grid to ring in the New Year with the Blues Tribe. DJ Rosie, DJ Riker, DJ Ray and DJ Kith will be entertaining the audience on the night of laughter, music, and friendship.

“Dress is comfy casual to glittering formal,” said Beningborough. “Rockin’ the Blues is the place to be on New Year’s Eve to usher out 2021, witness our very own fabulous ball drops courtesy of Blues Tribe member Xaria Aubrey, and welcome the brand new year.”

The hypergid address is Bayou.

Twisted grid holds Christmas build contest

Christmas builds are to be set up at the red zones. (Image Aurora Georgetown.)

Twisted Grid‘s Aurora Georgetown region, Northern Ontario-themed, is hosting a Christmas build contest for anyone from around OpenSim. Participants will need to build a Christmas scene either from scratch or comprising items from other places in OpenSim. The contest runs through Dec. 15 and the top three builds will be chosen, voted, and awarded at noon Pacific Time on Dec. 20.

Apart from the contest, you can also visit the beautiful Christmas-themed scenery and shop for Christmas items at the stores in the grid. You can also get a shop for free to host and sell Christmas items in the region.

The hypergrid address is Georgetown.

Winter and Christmas decor at Encantada in OSgrid

Christmas wreaths at the region. (Image courtesy Encantada.)

OSgrid‘s Encantada region is full of Christmas and winter decor. Available decor items include Light Ball that has a menu to vary lighting and color. Some say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. Other items are Santa stuck in a chimney of a tiny house, Christmas wreaths or flowers — some with and others without ornaments on which you can alter bow or ornament colors.

And visit the region to enjoy winter environments like the frosty Round Greek Pavilion, time in the snow and with snowmen, and of course the polar bears and sculptures. You can also find frozen Ball Fountains, campfires in the snow, and other items.

The hypergrid address is

Winter and Christmas shopping at the Hidden Christmas Mall

(Image courtesy Hidden Christmas.)

The Hidden Christmas Mall at the Hidden Christmas region has been relocated but still in OSgrid and hosts more than 200 Christmas dresses in the mall, as well as hats, sweaters, jeans, boots, scarves, and candles, wreaths, trees, and figurines. These can be used to decorate your in-world home. You also find gift shops with multiple gift items for the season, Christmas villages, and live animals.

North Pole Mall. (Image courtesy Hidden Christmas.)

The North Pole Mall hosts a themed collection of holiday dresses, winter coats, hats, and men’s clothing. You also can find magical winter scenes like the cold Arctic sea scenery and pair of skates, Santa Claus at the North Pole, polar bears, penguins in the snow, gnomes, and elves.

The hypergrid address is Christmas.

Winter and Christmas scenery at Snow Dream

The Snow Dream region of the OSgrid has beautiful winter snow-covered villages and Christmas-decorated scenery for you to explore. Once you land in the region, you can choose to walk around or pick a sled with which you can drive through the village to explore the scenery which hosts polar bears, penguins, and woods. You can also take a chair lift up to the toboggan run then descend a valley using a sled or ski.

If you do not wish to travel across the region, just sit and relax in a sauna and pamper yourself with a massage, or just decide to shop for winter. The region also hosts ice skating.

The hypergrid address is Dream.

Eastern Canada’s seasons at the Novale in CreaNovale grid

Novale region in CreaNovale grid. (Image courtesy Novale.)

The Novale region in CreaNovale grid is themed for the winter, this year showcasing Eastern Canada’s seasons. Starting with the landing area, there is a snow globe where you can spend some time for easy loading, then take the laser bridge and walk toward the greenhouse hub that shows you the different winter, Christmas, or other destinations at the grid.

Wanderers, photographers, and levelers who love Eastern Canada and winter habitats, sites, landscapes, and stories are welcome. Added to the list of items to explore this year includes the Christmas Market, skating and dancing on ice facilities, and a newly improved seven kilometers Cross-Country Grand Tour area.

Those who love winter sports can enjoy cross-country and downhill ski tracks, sleigh rides with Santa, skating, snow saucer, and toboggan rides.

The hypergrid address to the region is

You can also attend the Virtual Dream Tour starting at noon Pacific on Dec. 14 in the region. To participate in the tour, visit the tour team at the Virtual Dream grid’s welcome area.

The hypergrid address to the Virtual Dream Tour team is Accruell.

Christian Christmas tunes at I Love You in ZetaWorlds

(Image courtesy Karen Mansour.)

The I Love You region in ZetaWorlds  grid will celebrate the journey of the wise men from the East going to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus at noon Pacific time on Dec. 23. The Yuletide celebrations feature Christian songs.

The hypergrid address is Love You.

Christmas freebies and gifts at the ArcadiaShop in OSgrid

(Image courtesy ArcadiaShop.)

The ArcadiaShop region in OSgrid has mesh item freebies designed from scratch by Aaack Aardvark, including Christmas-themed gifts like the Xmas Lights.  These are a simple add-on for your Christmas tree comprising a set of lights that can be resized to adapt to any cone tree. It has several light modes and lighting options. You can pick this item and take it to your sim for the Christmas decorations.

Other freebies include the French Beret, which is a non-rigged mesh with six colors and which can be fitted to an avatar and tinted to match any outfit. There’s also a Panda Hoodie for girls, Arcadia’s Weather System, and a Simulator Statistics Indicator.

The hypergrid address is

Christmas gifts at Dallas in AviWorlds

(Image courtesy Dallas.)

The Dallas region of the AviWorlds grid has gift items like Christmas trees for visitors every day until Dec. 27. New gifts are added each day. The region also hosts the German World Grid mall which has winter-themed items for both men and women.

The hypergrid address is

Freebies at the Arkham city in Arkham grid

The Arkham City region of the Arkham grid is decorated for winter and Christmas for holiday experiences. The Snowfall Expanse hosts the Christmas market, a castle, and the house of Santa Claus, which not only host wonderful Christmas scenery but also have freebies you can take to your home grid after visiting. Freebies include an animated Christmas carousel that you can copy, mod, transfer, and share freely. You also get a Christmas coat, dresses, balls, and trees. Visitors can also shop for Christmas-themed furniture featuring the Kingman Furniture Design.

The Snowfall Expanse also hosts winter experiences, scenery, and items you can take to your home grid. For instance, the winter-themed Birch Forest building module is available for copy, mod, transfer, and free sharing. You can also do skating and have fun in the snow on the ski slopes and mountains.

The hypergrid address is City.

Christmas Jewelry from Monentes shop

Christmas Frost earrings. (Image courtesy Monentes Jewelry.)

The Monentes Jewelry shop at the Continuum Grid is adding new Christmas jewelry for the holidays. They are free and full perm and customizable. The items include Christmas Frost earrings pictured above.

The hypergrid address is Jewelry.

Christmas decoration items at Holiday Haven

(Image courtesy Holiday Haven.)

The Holiday Have region on Twisted Grid has lots of full perm and free items for Christmas and other holidays including, castles, trees, outbuildings, leaves, fogs, wreaths, lights, landscaping, animals, ruins, and houses.

The hypergrid address is Haven.

Freebies at Christmas Island in Littlefield Grid

(Image courtesy Christmas Island.)

Littlefield‘s Christmas Island has multiple Christmas decorations and freebies for residents and visitors at the Santa’s Workshop, as well as ice skating, hot cocoa, Santa’s Magic Sleigh ride, and other holiday attractions. Freebies include buildings, wreaths, and castles.

The region is also hosting the musical WLFG’s Holiday Stream featuring favorite Christmas tunes and music, 24 hours each day, until 23 January. The stream can be played at

The hypergrid address is Island.

The Speakeasy region of the grid is also decorated for Christmas and will be playing Christmas music.

The hypergrid address is

Christmas gifts at the Christmas Dreams on My Virtual Beach

(Image courtesy Christmas Dreams.)

The Christmas Dreams region on the My Virtual Beach grid hosts freebie market shops and a Santa’s workshop with free Christmas gifts. The gifts include new dresses, shoes, trees, and wreaths. You can also visit Santa’s Elves on Elf Mountain.

The hypergrid address is Dreams.

Winter World and Christmas Market at Poseidon Clubworld

(Image courtesy Poseidon Clubworld.)

OSgrid’s Poseidon Clubworld region opened its doors on Dec. 3 and comprises various event venues and clubs. In addition to these, you can enjoy Snowski, Tube Sleds, Cross Country Ski, snowball fights, Husky Sleds, Extreme downhill Ski, and many other winter activities. You can also shop for Christmas gifts and get freebies at the Christmas Market.

The hypergrid address is Clubworld.

Skating and photo with Santa at Phantom Rose Grid

(Image courtesy Phantom Rose.)

The Phantom Rose grid‘s Welcome Region offers winter events such as skating with friends at the Skate Mountain and near Swan Lake, hot chocolate, and holiday music. You can also take photos with Santa in addition to getting free gifts for your Christmas decor.

The grid’s Phantom Rose Bayou region has a Christmas-themed Opera House open 24 hours a day throughout this season. In addition to its magical and gaming offerings, the house has Christmas gift items and Santa.

The hypergrid address is Rose Bayou.

Christmas wedding venues at Country Rhodes in AviWorlds

(Image courtesy Country Rodes.)

AviWorlds‘ Country Rhodes region has Christmas and winter-themed wedding venues in addition to its usual hangout areas, cave hideouts, beach, ballroom, and country-themed areas. Do not miss visiting Santa and his Elf’s at the magic Toy Workshop and the reindeer.

The hypergrid address is Rhodes.

Candy Cane Christmas outfit in Japan in Otterland grid

Candy Cane Christmas. (Image courtesy Suzan Von Otter.)

The Japan region of the Otterland grid has a beautiful Candy Cane Christmas outfit made by Suzan Von Otter.

The hypergrid address is

Free Christmas music

(Image courtesy OSWRS.)

The OSWRS or OpenSim Working Radio Streams region in the Metaverse Depot grid has several commercial and free radios for the December holdouts from the Christmas spirit. These can be copied and used with full perms to change them however and whichever you want and use them at your grid or region.

The Christmas radio stream objects support different music types and can be found at,,,,,, and

The hypergrid address is

Christmas Radio. (Image courtesy GWG Winter Magic.)

German World‘s GWG Winter Magic region hosts Christmas Radio, which is playing Christmas music and tunes for this season.

The hypergrid address is Winter Magic.

Christmas Fashion Show and Parties at Craft World

(Image courtesy Fashion by Mariposita Miami.)

Craft World‘s Christmas Spirit and Winter Village regions are already hosting Christmas and winter-themed events including a Christmas Party from 1 p.m. Pacific Time on December 15 at the Winter Village region, Incontro con lo chef from 12.30 Pacific time on December 18 in Christmas Spirit region, and a Christmas Party from 12.30 Pacific time on December 20.

The Christmas Fashion Show also kicks off from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. Pacific time on December 17 at the Fashion By Mariposita Miami region. The event will be a showcase of different fashion in OpenSim.

The hypergrid address is by Mariposita Miami.

Discovery Grid Winter Market and Entertainment Schedule

(Image courtesy Discovery Grid.)

This year’s Discovery Grid merchant-sponsored 2021 Winter Market opens on December 18 through December 30 in Discovery City region. It opened with 20 stores and merchants are showcasing their new and old products in a winter-decorated winter scene. The market transacts in reliable local DC$ currency and hypergrid visitors can purchase DC$ at the market from Podex terminals located throughout the grounds, said Lindee Ellsmere, grid’s events manager.

“This is our fourth annual Winter Market on the Discovery Grid,” she told Hypergrid Business. “It is always well-attended and a lot of fun. We always have an ice rink set up for skating and throwing snowballs at each other. It is great fun! There are ice skates available at the skating rink.”

Part of the winter events to be hosted at the region is DJ Arathorn from 6 to 8 p.m. Pacific Time on December 23 at the same region. During the event, DJ Arathorn will have his research department delve deep into music Americana and get you tap-a-toeing on your ice skates with a mix of light rock and holiday favorites, all at the winter market ice rink.

The Winter Market featured the Christmas Ship Parade and Display event on December 18 where Christmas-decorated ships of the Discovery Grid Battle Group were displayed and exhibited by admiral Modee Parlez. The Christmas ships will remain at the dock for viewing and touring with until the end of the market.

Rogue Galaxy also performed at the market on December 18. The professional musician who was nominated for the Sammy’s NY People Choice award 2020 and has been performing for two decades, plays a wide variety of music from blues to rock.

The hypergrid is City.

For more information about Discovery Grid events, check out their spotlight page.

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