Podcaster Joe Rogan says the metaverse needs a complete redesign

We could end up with a metaverse that is inherently hard to control, will eventually fail, and collapses society, controversial podcaster Joe Rogan said in an interview with Inner Vision on Saturday.

The metaverse should be restructured right from the start to get the right design criteria instead of  basing it on existing tech structures.

“The design criteria of if you are adding tech that affects society, it has to actually be increasing the quality of democracy,” said Rogan. “It has to be increasing the integrity of markets. It has to be increasing the quality of families and mental health. You look at what are the foundational things.”

It is essential for such technology to promote emergent order which is necessary for markets and democracies to thrive, he said, instead of promoting or encouraging a dystopic order from a top-down approach, or no order at all. He said dystopic order was very likely given that most big tech companies are essentially directed by one person.

“When people understand the catastrophic risks and they do not see any good possibility out, then often times they will actually accelerate some version of catastrophe as the only reasonable solution, and this is why it is so important to actually define the design criteria right and have people committed to find solutions even though they are really hard,” said Rogan.

Watch the full interview below.