Metaverse experiences could boost real world travel

(Image courtesy mybranding via Pixabay.)

Experiencing a destination in the metaverse could make travelers more likely to visit the place in real life, according to a new study by

That’s right, 46 percent of travelers are more likely to travel to destinations that they wouldn’t have previously considered after experiencing them in the metaverse, said the study, which surveyed more than 24,000 travelers from 32 countries.

Some travelers — 43 percent — will use virtual reality to inspire their real-world travel choices.

Other travelers might skip real-world travel entirely, with 35 percent saying they’d take multi-day augmented reality or virtual reality travel experiences.

The majority of travelers — 60 percent — still say that virtual travel isn’t as fulfilling as being at a location in person.

To learn more about where and why people will be traveling next year, read the full study results at



Alex Korolov