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Brian Ward is a writer living in Massachusetts. He's studied professional and creative writing at Oxford University and UMass Amherst, and has previously written for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine and the book Jabberwocky.

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Ready Player One is a best-selling novel by Ernest Cline set in the year 2044, a time when nearly the entire human population is tapped into a metaverse called The Oasis. There’s also a...


OSCC14: Comfort key to VR success, says Oculus scientist

Virtual reality’s success or failure will depend on interface design, Oculus Rift chief scientist Steve LaValle told a packed virtual conference hall last weekend at the OpenSimulator Community Conference. “If we do fail, it’ll...


Why Gear VR benefits Oculus more than Samsung

Samsung and Oculus VR are expected to release their collaborative project, the Gear VR, sometime before the end of the year. The headset uses the Galaxy Note 4 to power a completely untethered virtual reality experience and...