ThinkBalm hosts virtual worlds networking event

Virtual worlds consultancy ThinkBalm announced the first ThinkBalm Innovation Community professional networking event, scheduled for August 4, to be held at the Amazon Developers Island in Second Life.

Scheduled speakers include experts on virtual world use and design, including  IBM’s Christopher Bishop, Amazon’s Jeff Barr, ThnkBalm’s own Sam Driver,  Andrew Hughes of  Designing Digitally, Inc., Bill Krebs of Agile Dimensions, Dave Taylor of London’s Imperial College, Richard Hackathorn of Maya Realities and professor Christopher Simpson of Toronto’s George Brown College.


According to ThinkBalm consultant Erica Driver, the goal of the event is to bring together people “who are passionate about work-related use of the immersive internet and are looking for work, looking for someone to fill a position, or simply curious about their options.”

The event will consist of five-minute presentations by employers looking to hire virtual worlds experts, and by experts looking for work. This will be followed by a speed networking session, with one-to-one meetings, lasting five minutes each.

Maria Korolov