Manpower Convenes Avatar Thought Leaders

Manpower Inc. Convenes Avatar Thought Leaders in Second Life to Discuss Virtual Workforce of the Future

“Grown Up Digital” author Don Tapscott; Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO Jeff Joerres; and Linden Lab Executive Director of Enterprise Marketing Amanda Van Nuys among expert panelists

Manpower's live Second Life event is Sept. 1, 2009 at 11am Eastern
Manpower's live Second Life event is Sept. 1, 2009 at 11am Eastern

Milwaukee, Wis., USA (1 September 2009) – Manpower Inc., a world leader in the employment services industry, will host a provocative hourlong discussion, “The Evolution of the Virtual Workforce” on Tuesday, September 1 at 11am ET in the virtual world of Second Life.

The event will feature digital work expert Don Tapscott, best-selling author of “Grown-Up Digital” and “Wikinomics.” Tapscott will be joined by Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO Jeff Joerres; Linden Lab Executive Director of Enterprise Marketing, Amanda Van Nuys; Manpower Senior Vice President for Global Workforce Strategy, Tammy Johns; Manager of e-learning Strategy and Education Solutions for IBM’s Center for Advanced Learning; Chuck Hamilton; and President of Louisiana Digital Workforce non-profit 3D Squared, Spencer Zuzolo. The event will be moderated by CEO and Creative Director of Dancing Ink Productions, Rita J. King.

“Since we established our presence in Second Life two years ago, social networks have completely evolved the labor market,” said Manpower Inc. Chairman and CEO Jeff Joerres. “Now, every social network has some underlying current related to job searching or career development. We are seeing the emergence of a flexible new model for virtual work, led by entrepreneurial, tech-savvy individuals who dictate when, where and how they work. We are focused on what motivates and interests this new breed of workers, giving us the ability to create practical solutions that help our clients attract, engage and retain winning talent.”

Manpower’s Second Life Island is one of many virtual programs Manpower has explored to lead in the changing world of work. Through its subsidiary, Right Management, Manpower recently formalized an exclusive partnership with LinkedIn®, the professional networking website, to work with individuals to develop profiles that showcase their knowledge and expertise and provide them with specialized training, integrating LinkedIn’s functionality and networking capabilities with Right Management’s industry-leading outplacement solution – RightChoice®. And later this year, Manpower will roll out a social networking community that connects individuals to customized career development insights and invites them to proactively navigate and manage their careers.

“The discussion will focus not only on how work is changing as a result of technology, but how the workforce is changing,” said Tammy Johns, Manpower’s Senior Vice President for Global Workforce Strategy. ”By regularly convening thought leaders of this caliber, investing in innovative technology platforms, producing cutting edge thought leadership, we are helping to define work practices, providing our clients and potential candidates invaluable insight about what’s now and next in our industry.”

Don Tapscott’s book, “Grown Up Digital” focuses on a workplace evolution. He has been documenting what he calls the Net Generation since his own children, now adults in their twenties, have grown up. This generation is characterized by creativity, ability to collaborate and comfort with multitasking across digital media and even simultaneous multiple realities. Tapscott believes that their culture will come to dominate the world of work.

“As a new global culture and economy take shape, available technology and human creativity are transforming how the workforce operates,” said Rita J. King, CEO and Creative Director of Dancing Ink Productions. “This conversation, broadcast live to the internet from Second Life, will facilitate dialogue on this critical topic and illuminate best practices for the workplace at a time of metamorphosis.”

Observers from around the world are invited to take part in this event by registering for the live stream at the Dancing Ink Productions website. Participants will be able to view and participate in the event both from Second Life and from the web. Those participating from the web will be able to communicate in live, real-time chat with event participants in Second Life.

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