3Di releases 3Di Immersive Banner

3Di Inc. releases “3Di Immersive Banner”, the latest and the world’s first technology for Internet advertising that realizes virtual experiences by banner ads on websites

3Di Inc., which develops and offers 3D Internet solutions, has developed 3Di Immersive Banner, the latest and the world’ first Internet advertising technology that can display and operate 3D virtual worlds in banner advertisements on websites.

With the 3Di Immersive Banner, advertisers can expect improvement of click through rate, conversion rate, and duration of visitor time of banner advertisements on websites. This rich media advertisement product can provide immersive 3D experiences in 3D worlds inside of banner advertisements by using the latest 3D Internet technology.

With this 3Di Immersive Banner, conventional banner advertisements can be drastically transformed from mere attention-getting advertising spaces into attractive, immersive, and unprecedented 3D advertisements where customers can virtually experience products and services by just clicking the 3D banners. By incorporating 3D virtual worlds in traditional banner advertisement spaces, where Flash and images have conventionally been incorporated, traditional plain banner advertisements can be revived as 3D virtual shops and show rooms where customers can freely tour around as they do in the real world. Users can also obtain product and service information in the 3D virtual banner advertisement spaces, promoting prompt product and service purchases in the virtual worlds.

3Di Immersive Banner aims to improve ROI (return on investment) for banner advertisements and achieve improved conversion rate, for instance, by allowing time-limited virtual events to be held at the same time as time-limited EC sales promotions. 3Di Immersive Banner can also be used as a virtual model room for real estate sales. In addition, for education-related businesses, virtual sales persons in the virtual banner ads can lead potential customers to experience virtual lessons in the banner ad spaces.

Effects of 3Di Immersive Banner as advertisement
â–  Experience: In the 3D virtual worlds, users can experience products and services through their avatars in the same way as they do in the real world.
â–  Immersive Media: through avatars, the alter egos of users, users can be deeply drawn into the 3D virtual worlds on the banner ads.
â–  Social Advertising: Social targeting (sharing of experiences with friends) and social interactions through avatars can be realized in conjunction with other social media.

3Di OpenSim: 3Di’s server software for the construction of original 3D virtual worlds. It is the world’s first server software specifically designed for enterprises and based on OpenSim. 3D virtual worlds constructed by 3Di OpenSim can be viewed on web sites by 3Di’s original viewer, 3Di OpenViewer, embedded into HTML web pages. 3Di OpenSim is attracting attention as a product to achieve the next-generation Internet, 3D Internet.