VenueGen Launches Browser-Based 3D Business Meeting Platform

Press Release: First On-Demand, Photo-realistic Virtual Meetings & Events Platform Launches at DEMO Spring 2010

March 22 /PRNewswire/ — [DEMO Spring 2010]  Today, VenueGen ( announced the official launch of its open beta at Demo 2010 in Palm Desert.  After successful pilots resulting in overwhelmingly positive reviews from beta customers and industry analysts, the platform is now ready to empower collaborative meetings and training events of all kinds. Unlike web and video conferencing tools that focus on shared content, VenueGen creates an immersive shared experience that is much more engaging, personal and productive.

“VenueGen is addressing the market’s need for a more participative and productive way to conduct virtual meetings,” said Matt Marshall, Executive Producer of DEMO. “They have really captured the essence of what it feels like to be in a real meeting room.”

“VenueGen was designed to restore those things that are uniquely human back into virtual meetings,” said VenueGen founder and CEO, David Gardner.  “Virtual meetings can have a sense-of-presence that makes them just as dynamic and interactive as real-world meetings.”

The VenueGen platform includes a number of powerful innovations such as high fidelity photo-created avatars and directional sound but its most powerful breakthrough may be its ease-of use.   With unlimited 3D meetings starting as low as $90 per month, there are hundreds of applications for VenueGen.

Showcased at DEMO Spring 2010, March 22

VenueGen will launch at DEMO Spring 2010, Palm Desert, CA, March 22, 2009. Interested companies can contact For more information on VenueGen, or to sign up for the beta version, please visit

About VenueGen

VenueGen is a browser-based 3D immersive internet meeting platform where business colleagues meet, collaborate, share and present information in board rooms, training rooms, and meeting halls.  Users simply select a meeting room, upload their content, and instantly enter a virtual room with directional voice where they can hear colleagues around the room!  Engaged, active and immersed attendees communicate, make decisions, learn faster, and are more productive than with online alternatives. No more boring conference calls, no more travel, and no more expensive, complex video conference systems.  VenueGen is “Business Ready.” VenueGen is based in Research Triangle Park, NC. To view a VenueGen demo or create a free account, please visit