US Air Force Academy launches virtual campus tour

Press Release: Designing Digitally, Inc. Partners with the United States Air Force Academy to Develop a Browser Based 3D Virtual Campus Tour Based on Unity

Virtual world developer Designing Digitally, Inc. used the Unity development platform to design a browser based interactive 3D virtual campus tour for prospective cadets to tour the United States Air Force Academy.

Franklin, OH – Designing Digitally, Inc., a full-service interactive design company and developer of “3D Virtual Campus Tours,” recently completed and launched a browser based 3D virtual campus tour for The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) utilizing the award-winning Unity development platform for games and interactive 3D.

According to LeAnn Nelson, Chief of Marketing and Media at USAFA, “Designing Digitally took a concept USAFA had for a ‘virtual world’ that would allow us to host tours of our campus for applicants that couldn’t visit in person and turned it into an interactive, entertaining, and fun experience. With their creativeness, they were able to expand our concept to better serve our intended purpose. There were many constraints with this project and they always quickly found a successful solution.”

Virtual tour of US Air Force Academy. (Image courtesy Designing Digitally, Inc.)

“We continue to see explosive growth of Unity across all aspects of interactive 3D,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “Designing Digitally creating this virtual world for The United States Air Force Academy is an impressive example of market leading game technology being used for very serious uses.”

USAFA allows users to register for a guided interactive virtual campus tour by visiting the event calendar. Within the guided tour, a group of potential students will be guided throughout the campus by an admissions representative. Users can explore each area on their own, but they cannot teleport from area to area and must wait until the admissions representative teleports the group as a whole. When in a self-guided tour, users are free to visit any area they would like on their own.

“3D Virtual Campus Tours” includes games and many other interactive features to make the tour more engaging and informative. Available features include:

  • Games such as parachute jump, basketball shoot out, flight simulator and others
  • Clues throughout the virtual campus to teach students about the school
  • Trivia questions, answered with the help of the clues
  • Text and voice chat capabilities
  • Avatar customization
  • Dynamic web-based administrative log-in, and much more

Designing Digitally, Inc. is able to provide “3D Virtual Campus Tours” as a robust, browser based massive multi-player recruiting tool aimed at increasing enrollment through accessibility, interactivity and engagement. The web-based format and ease of use allows potential candidates the opportunity to experience the campus even if they aren’t physically there.

With the ability to fill out online applications, financial aid forms, make payments and purchases, “3D Virtual Campus Tours” allows colleges and universities around the world to bring their campus to the homes of prospective students, which increases recruiting efforts and enrollment. For more information or to view a demo, please visit:

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