Teleplace open sources OpenQwaq

Press Release: Teleplace Announces the OpenQwaq Open Source Project for Virtual Workspaces

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.– Teleplace, the leading provider of virtual workspaces, today announced a new open source project called OpenQwaq. The OpenQwaq project will enable organizations — large and small, profit and not-for-profit — to implement virtual workspaces for their specific needs. In addition, Teleplace announced Teleplace Connect, a new product that integrates virtual workspaces with enterprise collaboration solutions, like Microsoft SharePoint.

“We strongly believe that virtual technology is essential for addressing the collaborative needs of today’s businesses,” said Anthony Nemelka, CEO of Teleplace. “At the same time, in order for the technology to live up to its potential, we feel that more people need to be exposed to it and add their insights into how it should evolve. There is no better way to accelerate this evolution than to make the technology freely available and this is why we are launching the OpenQwaq project today.”

A room in the Teleplace virtual environment. (Image courtesy Teleplace.)

The OpenQwaq Project

The OpenQwaq project is based on the Teleplace technology platform that has been in the market for the past four years. It is a highly-secure, enterprise-class virtual collaboration platform that has been used by large commercial enterprises and federal agencies. OpenQwaq is being released under a GPL v2 license and is available for download at

Teleplace Connect

Teleplace Connect is a new product that has been designed to integrate virtual workspaces with enterprise collaboration solutions. For its initial release, Teleplace Connect is tightly integrated with Microsoft SharePoint. This enables users to start a Teleplace session from within SharePoint and allows users to collaborate live on SharePoint documents from within Teleplace. In addition, Teleplace Connect provides native support for multiple, simultaneously-shared Windows applications, as well as all of the enterprise-class capabilities available in previous versions of Teleplace. Teleplace Connect is available now for evaluation. Details can be found at

About Teleplace

Teleplace provides virtual workspace solutions that enable organizations to address their most advanced collaboration needs. Teleplace delivers the reliability, availability, scalability, security and integration capabilities required by the world’s largest enterprises, including leading firms in the financial services, manufacturing, energy, technology, higher education, health care and government sectors. More details can be found at