Dreamland Metaverse

Dreamland logoRegions start at $30 a month for a region with up to 24,000 prims and up to 10 simultaneous visitors, with no setup fee, either on OSgrid, another grid, or as a  separate world.

Dreamland Metaverse has been ranked as the top OpenSim hosting provider every year we’ve surveyed our readers about grid hosting. See the 2016 results here, the 2015 results here, and 2014 results here. The company also received the highest scores in all the previous surveys going back to 2010, but since the number of respondents was lower, we didn’t publish detailed vendor results.

Other pricing options also available: for $45 a month, there’s a 24,000-prim region that can support up to 40 simultaneous visitors. And for $90 a month, there’s a 45,000-prim region that can support up to 80 simultaneous visitors. All regions run in their own instance of OpenSim for maximum stability and performance.

Private grid hosting also available.

The company has a good reputation for customer service and reliability. Customers include  Fortune 500 companies.

Customers get a choice of Vivox, Freeswitch and Whisper voice, as well as groups, search, offline messages, mesh, media-on-a-prim, and hypergrid connectivity as well as many other new OpenSim features.

Three money options: PayPal, the multi-grid hypergrid-enabled OMC currency from Virwox, and the proprietary MoneyModule which can be used to create a local grid currency.

Supports LSL and OSSL scripting, and C# scripting can be enabled on request. Choice of standard ODE physics or experimental Bullet physics.

Choice of the latest stable version of OpenSim, with all the latest new features, or an earlier, battle-tested version.

A region control panel allows for automatic restarts, saving and loading OAR and IAR files, and managing users.

Full list of feature details here.

See region rental page here.

2 Responses

  1. v@tgib.co.uk' Vanish says:

    I've been a customer of Dreamland Metaverse for more than a year, and wrote a part-review more than a year ago about them, so I can just repeat the basic points here: For a small company, the service is outstanding, the performance was great, and the prices were absolutely acceptable. I had one residential region, first connected to OSGrid, and later as a standalone. All special wishes (oar backups / uploads, conversion from region to standalone) were granted in a timely manner, and Snoopy was always friendly and, more importantly, knowledgeable of what she's doing. Her great paypal plugin, that comes with all the regions, is an extra plus.

    Personal opinion: Strongly recommended, best solution next to self-hosted.

  2. Linda Kellie says:

    A NON-Techie’s Dream Sim As many people know I have a creative mind but I know zero about anything techical. I have had issue after issue on OSGrid because I don’t have the knowledge to connect a sim to that grid and I have had to rely on others. I was given a few free sims when I first came to OSGrid and that was a wonderful thing and very generous of the person to do for me but it didn’t give me the control that I needed to do what I wanted. So next I rented a server with a friend but since I knew nothing about it that person was in full control of it and so it still didn’t fit my needs. I gave up for awhile.
    I recently came back to OSGrid and while talking to a friend she told about a sim rental person that might just have what I needed. And she was so right. So I would like to tell you about the dream sim I rented.
    I ordered the region from Snoopy Pfeffer at her website Dreamland Metaverse and she had it up within an hour for me and the website states that you will have it within 24 hours. At the time I didn’t realize all the perks that came with this service that was exactly what I needed. And couldn’t be any easier. Once you get a sim from her you log into the website and you can do just about everything that a highly techincal person can do but with just a click of the mouse. I’m telling you…. I feel so smart now 🙂
    I can save my OAR, load an OAR, save my IAR, back up my sim, restart my sim anytime I want with just a click, and so much more. I have vivox voice working there. I got to choose if I wanted it hypergrid enabled or not (I said yes to that). She placed it on OSGrid but with no neighbors as I had requested and named it what I had requested. Right away the land was in my name (didn’t even have to buy it for zero like most places). I was given full and total control of the land and the estate tools. And the customer service she provides has been amazing so far.
    I am not writing this to promote Snoopy. I didn’t know her before renting from her. The reason I did rent from her is because she was a stranger to me and I felt that would make things easier to do a business transaction. Also I asked around and she has a great reputation. I am promoting her sim hosting because it really has everything I need and allows me to have almost all the features I would have if I had set up a server and hosted the sim myself.
    I think the price for what I am getting is amazing. And I was able to pay through paypal and set up an automantic payment so I don’t have to try and remember to make a payment every month. She really couldn’t make things any easier for her customers.
    I got a Standard Sim on OSGrid. But she does Private OpenSim Standalones and Private OpenSim Grids as well.
    Dreamland Metaverse is really a non-techie’s dream but I bet even techincal people would love the ease of it.

    (the above is a repost from my blog where I wrote about this)