Virtual festival to raise awareness of PTSD

Press Release: Ten-Day “Be Fearless!” Online Festival Combines Art and Music with Education and Awareness-Raising for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Wiscasset, Maine — Fearless Nation PTSD Support, the world’s only nonprofit using virtual reality to help people with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), will hold its third annual PTSD education and awareness event from November 4 through 13.

The “Be Fearless!” festival is a ten-day online event to educate the public about PTSD to banish stigma and misinformation about the condition. The event will feature informational resources about PTSD as well as live musicians, global DJs, art exhibits, interactive art and other activities.

The “Be Fearless!” event will open November 4th with a live lecture on PTSD given by Colleen M. Crary, M.A., Founder and Executive Director of Fearless Nation. She will present the latest research findings in trauma treatment and brain plasticity using easy-to-understand language and illustrations.

“This presentation is intended for trauma survivors, their loved ones, and anyone interested in PTSD,” said Crary. “It will show how important it is for people with PTSD to receive the right treatment quickly, while also reminding everyone that there is hope for recovery and growth no matter how severe a person’s original trauma.”

The “Be Fearless!” festival will take place online in Second Life, the online virtual environment that allows users to create their own avatars and interact in a realistic 3D environment. The music performances will also be broadcast live over the Internet for those not in the virtual space. “Be Fearless!” and all other Fearless Nation informational events are free and open to the public.

“Operating online through virtual world environments like Second Life allows us to reach a large number of people worldwide at minimal cost while also providing a unique and non-threatening setting for trauma survivors,” said Crary. “We are the only nonprofit offering virtual-world services and education to people with PTSD and their families who might otherwise not be able to receive the support they need in their communities.”

The art exhibition environments—curated by award-winning artist Eliza Wierwight, creator of Patron Gallery and Emporium—will feature 3D works by acclaimed international “Metaverse” (virtual world) artists such as Claudia222 Jewell, Glenn Fitzpatrick, Tricia Farella, Bryn Oh, Gwen Carillon, Starlash Sweetwater, and Scottius Polke. Interactive sculptures and art “toys” will allow attendees to immerse themselves in the art. Breathtaking 3D art can be experienced fully in 3D high definition.

Last year's Be Fearless event brought together 24 performers  to raise awareness and educate the world about the facts and science of PTSD.

Live musicians Jordan Reyne and TwinGhost Ronas will be performing live during the festival. Jordan Reyne is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, whose music was heard in the “Lord of the Rings” movies and whose new album, “Children of a Factory Nation,” has just been released. TwinGhost Ronas hails from Philadelphia, USA; his distinctly powerful original compositions and eclectic covers mix blues, folk, rock and a lot of soul. “Both Jordan and TwinGhost have been staunch supporters for PTSD awareness, education and support and we are glad to have them back to Fearless Nation for this event,” says Crary.

DJs from around the globe will be mixing live sets from all genres of music, notably the incomparable and uncompromising Coca Supercharge (UK), Tink Toll (Ireland), Susan Mowadeng (USA), Kalia Ivory (Switzerland), Chanya Andel (UK), Viktor Galli (Belgium), Zola Bertrand (USA) and many more will fill the air with music to keep you moving and grooving.

Several event sponsors will also be showcased, displaying their wares and services, some of which will be interactive. Top Sponsors featured are Tenderlove, Zapp Club, SpotOn3D, Platt Communications, and Luna Bliss Creations.

For details about the “Be Fearless!” festival, artists, performers and sponsors, including the broadcast schedule and “listen in” links, please visit:

For more information, contact Colleen Crary at [email protected].