Utherverse offers virtual world franchises

Press release: Utherverse Reports Substantial Increase in Global White Label Platform Adoption with Average Franchise Monthly User Growth Rates Over 12%

Company Boasts 13,500,000 Platform Users Worldwide and Interest from Large Corporations, Online Casinos, Real Estate Firms, and Government Agencies

Vancouver, BC – Utherverse, the world’s Virtual World Web platform, announced today significant growth numbers for its white label world platform. Using the company’s advanced Virtual World Web software, franchise operators are able to provide their users with an immersive virtual-world network that is modeled after desired locations. Total worldwide users of the Utherverse platform is currently just under 13,500,000.

Utherverse began offering its white-label solution to a German franchise in 2007, and now deploys a new franchise every three to four months. In addition to the company’s owned and operated network, Utherverse currently provides a secure Virtual World Web platform for businesses in Germany, Russia, Spain, Brazil, and North America that each average more than 1,000,000 registered users. Partners in Turkey, Italy, and Hungary are in the development stage.

Utherverse is known for its adult offerings, such as its Red Light Center. In February, the platform was host to the 2012 Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention.

Several Utherverse franchises use the platform to attract real world sponsors. The franchise operator Secret City is a Germany-based company that operates mainly for Frankfurt and Berlin-based users. The company holds events at local brick-and-mortar nightclubs that are patronized by individuals who arrange meetings in the virtual world. This blending of both worlds allows individual users to build social relationships and provides revenue and marketing opportunities for Secret City.

“We are very pleased to see our white-label platform adopted by franchises throughout the world,” said Brian Shuster, CEO and Founder of Utherverse. “Our franchises are only restricted by their imaginations, and can use our platform to generate revenue and establish very strong brands. While our virtual platform is perfect for entertainment-based venues such as nightclubs or other social hangouts, we are also receiving interest from enterprise-level businesses that want to use it as a virtual collaboration and meeting platform. In addition, we have received inquiries from online casinos, shopping retailers, governmental agencies, and customer support organizations.”

Demand for the white-label platform is currently growing among local real-estate brokers, with a current client located in the central valley region of California. The solution is ideal for real-estate professionals who want to showcase homes and land within a virtual environment to a certain group of individuals.

Each new Utherverse franchise requires ideally between 10 to 20 individuals to properly run and maintain once it reaches a critical mass of users. New white-label partners can be launched with a staff of three to five individuals. Franchises have flexibility in their revenue generation models, with most offering monthly subscription fees, or charging users nominal fees for extra features.

About Utherverse.net

Utherverse is the leading developer of the 3D Web, the Virtual World Web (VWW), which currently consists of more than 70,000 independently operated virtual business-worlds and millions of personal virtual worlds. The company was formed in 2002 with the goal of supplementing the flat web with a 3D web that could bring a new kind of efficiency to businesses and users, in entertainment, education, commerce and charity.

Among Utherverse’s offerings are the Virtual World Web -TheVWW.com – which provides simple software that enables anyone to create their own Virtual World, and UtherAcademy, which provides education and tutoring across a wide range of subjects, UtherInteriors, a next-generation real-estate sales tool and interior design platform, and 3DTunes, a music and karaoke devoted virtual world. For more information, please see www.utherverse.net.