Avination donates multi-attach code

Avination, a commercial grid running on the OpenSim software, donated its multi-attachment code today to the OpenSimulator project.

Avination rolled out the multiple attachment feature on its grid earlier this month.

“Avination’s developers worked hard to clean up and test this code for integration with OpenSim and so it’s possible to make this donation only days after Avination introduced this feature to it’s own grid,” the grid said in an announcement today.

Furry avatar holds hammer and sword. (Image courtesy Avination.)

Most accessories and many clothing items are worn as attachments but, until recently, only Second Life users have been able to have multiple objects attached to a single point. So, for example, an avatar could wear a hat or have nice hair, but not both. With the new code, avatars could wear up to five objects on a single attachment point — hair, hat, rabbit ears, and hair clips, for example.

Or an avatar could wear multiple necklaces, or wield a sword with a hand that’s already wearing an armored glove.

The functionality is included in all modern, v2- and v3-compatible viewers, and will be part of the standard OpenSim distribution with the next major update. Meanwhile, individual grid owners can try out the experimental code.

“Great stuff,” said Justin Clark-Casey, head of the Overte Foundation, the non-profit group managing OpenSim development, in a Tweet announcing the code donation.

Maria Korolov