Avination makes “notable” contribution to OpenSim conference

Press release: Avination is sponsoring and attending the first annual OpenSimulator Community Conference on September 7-8, 2013

The first annual OpenSimulator Community Conference will open on September 7, 2013 and Avination, one of the main contributors will not only be part of it but also co-sponsoring the event.

It is the first conference of its kind, especially for the OpenSim Community, a gathering of OpenSim’s developers and users. Various speakers talk and discuss the future of OpenSimulator’s development, the social aspects of virtual worlds, community building and content protection.

Melanie Thielker, well known core developer of OpenSimulator and CEO of Avination Virtual Limited will speak at the first keynote session on Saturday, September 7, 2013, at a keynote panel titled, “Future of OpenSimulator” and later that day at the breakout session four on the panel titled “Hypergrid: Now and in the Future.”

Avination at OSCC

“The future of the internet is in three-dimensional worlds,” said Thielker. “Hypergrid is an integral part of it and we core developers are avidly working on improving content protection to make hypergrid safe and acceptable for creators.”

At a similar themed session on Sunday she will discuss Copyrights and Content Protection in OpenSim.

Avination is taking part in the social aspects of the convention, as well.

For the social part Avination, is proud to announce the well-known and famous live musician Torben Asp. Just returned from his well received US tour he will play his unique ambient music with influences from Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Schiller at the Avination Exhibition Sim accompanied by an extraordinary light show.

Torben Asp in performance. (Image courtesy Avination.)
Torben Asp in performance. (Image courtesy Avination.)

At both breaks between the sessions, Avination A-Team members and Helpers will be online at the Avination Sim to meet and greet to answer question and give answers about Avination.

“We’re the only commercial grid sponsoring the OSCC with a notable amount of money,” said Avination spokesperson Leonie Gartner.