Corran Journal expands social coverage to all grids

CANADA –  Corran Journal today announced their expansion to cover all OpenSim grids. Residents across the metaverse have a new source for reviews, opinions, and stories that affect their social lives.

“We’ve been inworld since 2010, in SecondLife we were known as the Corran Sun,” said editor Winter Silversmith. “I decided that it was time again to expand our coverage.”

Winter Silversmith has been in-world since 2008 and has managed several regions in Second Life, Island Oasis, and TanGLe Grid. He has recently been working as the media relations staffer for TanGLe Grid and serving on their Expo committee.

“Social news is very important,” he said. “The OpenSim metaverse is like a vast country, and only when the citizens and communities interact will the country grow stronger. I am expanding the Corran Journal beyond TanGLe Grid to give readers another perspective on the world around them.”

The Corran Journal head office is located in TanGLe Grid and a new satellite office has opened in InWorldz.

Corran Journal new satellite office on Moon Island Mall in InWorldz. (Image courtesy Corran Journal.)
Corran Journal new satellite office on Moon Island Mall in InWorldz. (Image courtesy Corran Journal.)

Corran Journal started in Second Life in 2010 as the “Emerald Village News,” covering events in the Emerald Forest region. It then evolved to become the Corran Sun to cover several regions in SecondLife, Island Oasis, and other smaller grids. Unpredictable events in real life led to its closure for over a year. It was re-launched in 2013 as the Corran Journal.

“I’m pleased to finally be ready to make this announcement,” said Silversmith. “It has always been my intention to expand the Corran Journal beyond the borders of one grid.”

The Corran Journal will publish the social side of OpenSim – reviews of events, grids and individual regions, articles about virtual lives and popular features like fashion and travel.

Press releases, future stories, or just about anything can be submitted to the Corran Journal for consideration by emailing Wintersmith at [email protected].

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