Frame takes over OpenSim, SL streaming firm Bright Canopy

Bright Canopy screenshot
Bright Canopy website.

Frame, a company that can run any software in a cloud-based browser window — for a fee — is taking over Texas-based Bright Canopy, which offers browser-based access for Second Life and OpenSim viewers.

Bill Glover
Bill Glover

Bright Canopy founder Bill Glover has told Hypergrid Business that he has accepted a position from Frame, where he will now serve as the company’s product manager for virtual worlds.

Jerri Glover will continue supporting Bright Canopy as a community volunteer.

Service will continue uninterrupted, he said, as will the current pricing structure.

“We have several hundred active users for Bright Canopy,” he said. “We also have a great deal of interest from education, institutional and business users. We will be able to explore that much more now that we have the opportunity to customize the experience more.”

Glover added that he hopes to have more flexibility on pricing, as well, as cloud platforms mature.

“Right now we need very specific capabilities for hosting viewers and not every cloud provider can provide them yet,” he said. “But we expect to see some improved options first or second quarter of next year that could make a big difference in cost and features.”

Sitting on my own private region, on my private grid, all in my Chrome browser, via Bright Canopy.
Sitting on my own private region, on my private grid, all in my Chrome browser, via Bright Canopy.

He also added that Bright Canopy will be adding more viewer options, starting with Singularity, and is working on mobile support.

“Frame has a working native mobile client, Frame Terminal for iOS, and Frame also works in Chrome on some Android devices,” he said. “So watch for renewed testing with these as early as next week.”

Users will also see a streamlining in customer support, he said, as the Bright Canopy support process will be folded into that of Frame.
“This will allow us to provide a better experience overall and avoid some of the confusion that can come from having two systems,” he said.
Bright Canopy will hold a relaunch party on December 12 at noon Pacific time to celebrate the merger.
To celebrate, we will finally have that big relaunch party we’ve been promising with awesome gifts created just for the event.
Bright Canopy, a replacement for the old SLGo streaming service, offers a fully-featured virtual world viewer, including voice and file uploads and downloads. Read my review here.


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