Enterprise VR focus of London conference on Sep. 21


Press release: Enterprise AR and VR Event Launched in London

A new virtual and augmented reality event, focused on its disruptive impact on business, has been announced to take place on the 21st of September in London. VR World: Beyond the Hype, is the only event exclusively dedicated to enterprise AR and VR, and will see over 150 industry experts in attendance.

VR and AR technologies are already having a huge impact on business, and offer companies a great way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. VR World will explore the future opportunities and threats that AR and VR could present, addressing the key questions facing the industry, examine various enterprise case studies and look ahead to what the future holds.

The initial half-day event, running from 2 p.m. to 5.15 p.m., will incorporate a number of panel discussions with leading industry experts, and is aimed at engaging with the audience as much as possible.

The show will also provide an opportunity for organizers and stakeholders to meet and network ahead of the 2017 VR World Showcase.

To register your place or to pre-register for the 2017 show, please visit: vrworldevent.com.

Confirmed speakers include Samsung’s Jason Lovell, Jaunt VR’s Dominic Collins, Microsoft’s Felicia Williams, Lufthansa Systems’ Joerg Liebe, GlaxoSmithKline’s Greg Hough, and Deloitte Digital’s Ed Greig. See the full list of speakers here.