VisionZ out tomorrow with a Halloween theme


Press release: VisionZ October issue hits stands on Saturday

Halloween is the focus of this month’s issue of VisionZ Hyperverse Magazine due out on Saturday, October 15.

Typically, after a few days, the racks can be found all over the Hyperverse, here are a few key locations, including at eMagine, we can and

The racks not only distribute free copies of the issue, but can also be copied themselves and placed on other regions.

“We do this for free because we want to share with people how interesting the Hyperverse is,” said editor Sunbeam Magic, adding that the magazine comes out each month at around this date.

(Image courtesy HG VisionZ.)
(Image courtesy HG VisionZ.)

This month, Halloween is the big topic, but there are also other happenings of interest.

“This is also the time for the Oktoberfests,” Magic said. “They can be a lot of fun and often include various activities as well as sight-seeing.”

There is no cost for the publication, which is produced by volunteers.

“We do not sell ads, or in any way get compensated for our efforts,” Magic said. “We do this in the spirit of sharing that so many have paved the way for. The magazine is more of an affair of the heart, our ‘pay it forward’.”

Each issue also includes some silly stuff, she said, such as a cartoon or an article.

There is also a shopping section, a Q&A, and guest contributions.

FrancoGrid's FestAvi was featured in this issue. (Image courtesy HG VisionZ.)
FrancoGrid’s Fest’Avi was featured in this issue. (Image courtesy HG VisionZ.)

Ideas are always welcome.

“Feel free to suggest people, regions and events that we can try to fit in the magazine prior to the 10th of each month,” said co-publisher Minetheree Athanasios.

“If being a guest writer interests you and you have something positive and interesting to discuss that is related to the Hyperverse, please let us know,” Athanasios added.

(Image courtesy HG VisionZ.)
(Image courtesy HG VisionZ.)

The publication is also looking for regular contributors.

“If you think you would enjoy being on our staff and adding other perspectives, please ask, we like diversity,” said Magic.  “We want to help people to collaborate and meet like-minded people.”

VisionZ started publication in March of 2015 and currently has eight people on the staff. The main office is located on 3rd Life Grid, at eMagine and more information can be found at and in this overview.

Mal Burns also mentioned the magazine at an InWorld Review show last month, which you can watch below:

“You are free to set a rack out and if you do, please add the hypergrid address in the comments so that people will know where to find it,” said Athanasios. “If you know of interesting places we did not report, please also add it to the comments here.”