New browser-based world Space offers free regions

Welcome area of virtual world Space. (Image courtesy Sine Wave Media.)

Welcome area of virtual world Space. (Image courtesy Sine Wave Entertainment.)

Press release: Space, a new virtual world, launched today with free regions

LONDON — Space, a browser-based virtual world platform from Sine Wave Entertainment, opened to the public after two months of private beta and seven years of development with a free region offer.

Adam Frisby

Adam Frisby

“Space is built for the creative community,” said Sine Wave Entertainment CEO Adam Frisby, best known as one of the founders of the open source OpenSimulator virtual world platform. “We were creators, building and selling virtual goods in other virtual worlds. Now we have built the platform we always wanted.”

Space, based on the Unity platform, offers unlimited-size regions with a maximum concurrency of 100 avatars. Users can access Space from all major browsers as well as desktop clients on Windows and Macintosh computers. The company plans to also support Linux, iPad, Android and virtual reality devices in the future.

Early reviews of the platform have been positive.

Bernhard Drax

Bernhard Drax

“I am really impressed with Space,” said Bernhard Drax, the producer and host of Drax Files: World Makers. “Wandering though hundreds of avatars with no lag is insane! This is a must-be world for every digital creative.”

Space also offers the ability to create and design news interactive locations via a Unity-based suite of editing tools.

Sign up for a free creator account here.

The company offers an extensive collection of video tutorials for content creators as well as a documentation Wiki.

Lighting effects in the Space virtual environment. (Image courtesy Sine Wave Media.)

Lighting effects in the Space virtual environment. (Image courtesy Sine Wave Media.)

“I have tried several platforms,” said Cynthia Stagner, director of the Silicon Valley Media Group. “The Space team knows what we need for education, training and entertainment. It is a dream come true. A one-stop-shop.”

Watch a promotional video about the platform below:


About Sine Wave Entertainment

Sine Wave Entertainment is based in the U.K., with additional offices in Shanghai and Sydney. The company has a long track record of innovation in immersive virtual environments, including significant contributions in the creation and development of the OpenSimulator open source virtual environment platform. The company also started retailing virtual goods in virtual worlds, including IMVU and Second Life, in 2006.

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14 Responses

  1.' Carlos Loff says:

    Here it is – CHECK THE ANIMATED SAMPLE ABOVE – super fast on walking, scrolling and looking, runing – wowwwwww – And in here I´m using and old Mac Mini with only the browser version of SPACE (no viewer installed) – FIREFOX VIEWER and a weak internet connection of 12 mbps – CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSS – You get all regions in browser capability to apeal and compensate for the Unity learning curve and – Lookout OS – A very serious competitor will be around

    •' Carlos Loff says:

      We can´t fly and some regions need the viewer, they say it will be all in viewer soon, objects and landscapes are still a bit isolated and specially the beach has low quality design, but we must all give them a break and see where this browser thing leads, remember that leaving a simple browser link on a Facebook post for all friends to come fast and easy and surrender to virtual worlds is the way of the future – I will stick to Digiworldz for a very long time because my projects are so big and ambitious that learning how to use a whole new platform like unity would be suicidal

      •' Merrie Schonbach says:

        Yes the avatars can fly Carlos and the animations are all being improved unless your referring to vehicles and yes that is also being worked on. We have cars and other vehicles and yes you can having flying vehicles it’s just a matter of letting us know what your looking for and being patient as we develop them.

        space is more then a browser based platform, it is also desktop so the larger scenes with AAA graphics you will see on the desktop version. The problem with browser right now is the limit to the memory it can store and use, we have read that is being improved, so no its not the platform, is the browsers capabilities to handle the amount of data being passed through.

  2. tried it, hate it. back to digiworldz for me. bye

    •' Merrie Schonbach says:

      Chris if you would have said something we would have helped you, fairly harsh comment there when you spend perhaps a day with us.

      • 1. your working for them. We all remember how over controlling you are.
        2. its Unity based. I know that game engine and its crap.
        3. the avatars look like crap. only customization is just cloths and hair.
        4. hard to find any place to visit.
        5. interface is confusing.
        and 6. your community manager, ya good luck with that.

      • wow whatever happened to freedom of speech and the freedom to speak the truth on this site? Seriously Lawrence what the hell is your problem with me? Always delete my posts but leave all the drama starters alone. Don’t tempt me on seeking a investigation into this website for violations of freedom of speech.

    • Could you not at least be a tiny bit constructive and say why you hate it?

      I have not tried it yet but plan to. Looks interesting.

    •' SkyLifeGrid says:

      quick to hate you are my friend.. Did you give it time ?

  3.' Merrie Schonbach says:

    Couple of things here, Unity3D is a whole different software to learn, yes there is a learning curve, yes you need to know 3D modeling, alot of drop in content is being created so even that is a work around, however, space also has a wiki with step-by-step instructions and videos, a ton of things are interactive without coding you don’t need to know how to code unless you wish to learn, we have an SDK coming, our team reaches out to give help on a one-to-one basis all you have to do is ask.

    If someone is struggling they just need to tell us either by email, support ticket or on our very active Skype channel, simple as that. More so then not people just leave and don’t talk to us so we can help them, so it’s really on them, not the platform. We are in Open Beta, things are being corrected and improved on a daily basis. I’m the Community Manger for space, just get in touch 🙂

  4.' Samantha Atkins says:

    From what I saw of it briefly tonight there is little there there. Very poor movement controls, low rez, general in world controls clunky and obtrusive.

  5.' Samantha Atkins says:

    But not known as a great platform for users interacting with other users as we are used to in opensim and SL.

  6. The promo makes me think of Space being like an updated version of There.