New browser-based world Space offers free regions

Welcome area of virtual world Space. (Image courtesy Sine Wave Media.)
Welcome area of virtual world Space. (Image courtesy Sine Wave Entertainment.)

Press release: Space, a new virtual world, launched today with free regions

LONDON — Space, a browser-based virtual world platform from Sine Wave Entertainment, opened to the public after two months of private beta and seven years of development with a free region offer.

Adam Frisby
Adam Frisby

“Space is built for the creative community,” said Sine Wave Entertainment CEO Adam Frisby, best known as one of the founders of the open source OpenSimulator virtual world platform. “We were creators, building and selling virtual goods in other virtual worlds. Now we have built the platform we always wanted.”

Space, based on the Unity platform, offers unlimited-size regions with a maximum concurrency of 100 avatars. Users can access Space from all major browsers as well as desktop clients on Windows and Macintosh computers. The company plans to also support Linux, iPad, Android and virtual reality devices in the future.

Early reviews of the platform have been positive.

Bernhard Drax
Bernhard Drax

“I am really impressed with Space,” said Bernhard Drax, the producer and host of Drax Files: World Makers. “Wandering though hundreds of avatars with no lag is insane! This is a must-be world for every digital creative.”

Space also offers the ability to create and design news interactive locations via a Unity-based suite of editing tools.

Sign up for a free creator account here.

The company offers an extensive collection of video tutorials for content creators as well as a documentation Wiki.

Lighting effects in the Space virtual environment. (Image courtesy Sine Wave Media.)
Lighting effects in the Space virtual environment. (Image courtesy Sine Wave Media.)

“I have tried several platforms,” said Cynthia Stagner, director of the Silicon Valley Media Group. “The Space team knows what we need for education, training and entertainment. It is a dream come true. A one-stop-shop.”

Watch a promotional video about the platform below:


About Sine Wave Entertainment

Sine Wave Entertainment is based in the U.K., with additional offices in Shanghai and Sydney. The company has a long track record of innovation in immersive virtual environments, including significant contributions in the creation and development of the OpenSimulator open source virtual environment platform. The company also started retailing virtual goods in virtual worlds, including IMVU and Second Life, in 2006.