AviWorlds is back online, now a closed grid

(Image courtesy AviWorlds.)

After trying several business models with fail and shutting down and reopening several times thus earning the name “the yo-yo grid,AviWorlds is back online.

This time, it’s a closed grid, meaning people will not be able to teleport to other grids or easily take their content to other grids — or bring in content from other grids. In addition, users will have to create brand-new user accounts, and build their inventories from scratch, since they won’t simply be able to teleport in with an existing avatar from another grid.

There are 450 regions now online, and the in-world currency is the local AV$.

Having a closed grid will protect the grid’s economy, AviWorlds grid owner Alexsandro Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business.

Alexsandro Pomposelli

“It will be a closed commercial grid and all the content acquired will be exclusive to troubled grid AviWorlds residents,” said Pomposelli. “Allowing the content to go out of the troubled grid would prevent a more robust economy for the troubled virtual world.”

However, residents will not be able to buy content from the Kitely Market contrary to previous reports, he said.

Hypergrid-enabled grids automatically have Kitely Market access for all their residents, but even closed grids can access the market, and have instant deliveries to in-world avatars, by following these instructions.

The website is still down but Pomposelli plans to have it back up later on this month. Meanwhile, the grid’s Facebook page will have the latest news and information about the grid.

There’s no automatic way to create user accounts, but those interested can contact Pomposelli directly by sending an email to avi-labs@avi-labs.com or arpholdings@gmail.com. The loginURI is login.aviworlds.com:8002.

AviWorlds to resell OARs

AviWorlds has also purchased licenses for OARs — export files of entire regions — created by the owner of the Lost World grid, Dave Butler, who is known in-world as Joe Builder in-world. These OARs will be resold by AviWorlds.

OAR files, or OpenSim Archives, are full region exports which include both the landscape and all the content on a region, including associated scripts and animations.

The license terms allows the AviWorlds to sell OARs in their entirety or dismantle them to sell content separately.

People renting or owning regions can easily buy items that they can use to build or add to their regions, said Pomposelli.

“People will be able to have content for their regions,” said Pomposelli. “That will also minimize the demand for copybot items.”

Other content distributed or sold by AviWorlds will be content created specifically for the grid, not collected around OpenSim.

“The items that Alex purchased are not the same as the items I give away for free,” Butler told Hypergrid Business. “I was in Second Life for many years as a builder so I have copies of my creations. Also I have been creating in OpenSim since 2010. I do have over 80 full OARs that I have created.”

Watch the video below from the grid.