AviWorlds back with new business model featuring Second Life

(Image courtesy Alexsandro Pomposelli.)

AviWorlds is coming back — again — with a brand-new business model and a brand-new technology partner.

Since early 2011, owner Alexsandro Pomposelli has experimented with being the most expensive grid, and with offering land for free. He tried to have the grid hosted with Dreamland Metaversewith Zetamexwith Kitely, and, most recently, with DigiWorldz. He has tried to run the grid from his garage. (That experiment ended with a catastrophic power surge.)  He has turned hypergrid connectivity off and on several times.

He’s changed the grid’s name from AVWorlds to AviWorlds. Last year, he rolled out the Avi-Labs brand, the umbrella name for his grid and his short-lived hosting company. Domain names have changed, and so have social media accounts.

Alexsandro Pomposelli

Pomposelli has also burned through several partners and the breakups typically ended with a great deal of public airing of dirty laundry and threats of legal action, usually on all sides.

But he keeps coming back, and is somehow able to attract new residents, new customers, and new business partners.

His new business partner is Deiviti Costa, who is also known as Johnny Button in-world. According to Pomposelli, Costa is an expert in hosting and maintaining servers for his customers, including gaming servers, and previously created the Castaway Island, CitybydBay and Welcome Center regions for AviWorlds. He is based in Brazil, and can be found on Google Plus as Dex Web and on Facebook as DexWeb.xyz.

In addition to the new business partner, there’s also a new business strategy.

This time around, the key ingredient is going to be Second Life, despite the fact that Second Life has been hemorrhaging users and regions for years.

“That’s exactly why,” Pomposelli said, when asked why he was heading into Second Life. “It is like when the stock market is down its the best time to BUY! Avi-Labs will promote OpenSim right from the whale’s gut.”

An embassy in Second Life

The new Second Life embassy is already open, he said, on the AviLabs region. A second region, Beach Bums, offers land parcel rentals. Both regions are live. Since Second Life is not hypergrid-enabled, visitors will need to create a Second Life account if they don’t already have one.

The AviLabs region will host events, promote land rentals, sell OARs, and advertise other services, Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business.

“We will offer many services plus content and a market place that works in Second Life and in OpenSim,” he said.

In addition to investing in Second Life land, the grid will also invest in content, he said.

“Avi-Labs will not wait for creators to want to go to AviWorlds or Avi-Labs,” he said. “We will and are employing staff that will create items exclusively for Avi-Labs to offer OpenSim residents.”

Parcels will run from 2,500 Lindens a month, or about US $10 for a 2,048-square meter parcel, to 20,000 Lindens, or about $80, for a quarter region.

By comparison, the average cost for a full OpenSim region is $20 for an entire month. So it makes sense that OpenSim might be an attractive deal for people looking for lower prices, but it doesn’t explain why Pomposelli will be renting Second Life land as well. In addition, there is already an OpenSim embassy in Second Life.

He did not respond to questions about how he plans to accomplish all this, how he will maintain financial stability, or prevent losses due to outages, payment interruptions or personnel issues such as those that have plagued him before.

For more information, contact Pomposelli in Second Life at AlexAviWorlds Resident or via email at [email protected].

You can also follow him on Facebook at AviWorlds Grid. The AviWorldz and Avi-Labs websites are not yet up, and the AviWorlds OpenSim grid will re-open in mid-July, he said.


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David Kariuki

David Kariuki is a technology journalist who has a wide range of experience reporting about modern technology solutions. A graduate of Kenya's Moi University, he also writes for Cleanleap, and has previously worked for Resources Quarterly and Construction Review. Email him at [email protected].

39 Responses

  1. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    Thank you for the article David and Maria..!

  2. adamsstephene59@gmail.com' Stephen Adams says:

    Best of luck with your Second Life properties, Alex. Hope they last longer than the now-closed OpenSim Embassy did.

    (The land the embassy was built upon is now empty and marked as “Abandoned” as of 6 April 2017. The OpenSim Embassy group is apparently still open with an active Join button.)

  3. fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

    Damn it, lol – 5 days ago I made a crazy decision – Try SL one last time – Make a cashing business on SL and build slowly my dream projects on Digiworldz – I rented a whole Homesteaf – Another decision – I swear – Made 3 days ago, is to build an Opensim Embassy on SL, just like the one Digiwirldz has – My Homestead is almost done – Coral Homes, at “Squirt” island – I have an outstanding Inventory as SL, Avatar is – Loff Auer – and Im able to gather and build great stuff overnight – And now I read this article, lololololllll – Well, Alex, here we go back to SL tiers and income stress – See you there !!! 3 Embassies to bring in folks to OS, LOL

  4. lmpierce@alcancemas.com' lmpierce says:

    In the real world of stocks, it might (and that is a ‘might’, not a ‘for sure’) make sense to invest and purchase stock when the price drops. But in the first place, Linden Lab is not *selling* virtual land – it is *renting* access to virtual space. Therefore, the number of Second Life users is the only factor that feeds into the possibility of positive value, and less visitors = less income potential, relative to more visitors.

    But more to the point, Linden Lab is charging the same $295 a month it has been charging for years, not less, and with a $600 set up fee as well – the ability to cover that and at least break even is more challenging than ever. Instead of this being an opportune time to set up in Second Life, it is less advantageous. The statement, “It is like when the stock market is down it’s the best time to buy” is exactly NOT correct applied to Second Life.

    If the goal is to provide a rich experience, then a land owner in Second Life can add value to an otherwise empty parcel by creating an environment for others to enjoy and benefit from… that can be the value proposition. Other financial-based market analogies are not valid.

    • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

      Yes, you are right – There isn´t much to run from when it comes to prices – I will rent mega-bungallows + land at a profitable price that will make many folks say – With that money I can rent a bigger land with more prims – So my challenge will be to make them wish to belong to the whole resort and therefore add value by building and managing a special place – What I believe Alex is saying, at least that is what I mean with low bubble is the fact that many entrepreneurs gave up on SL and I went to look for top resorts and found out my competitors are few when is comes to build and atmosphere quality, so the hype is down and there is less quality competition, still there are yet many consumers

      • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

        I already have rented two lots in 1 day since opening up. I am also able to offer MORE PRIMS. My regions have 20000 prims now instead of 15000. I am also using SL’s vast advertising tools to promote no only the land I am renting but also AviWorlds and opensim.

        • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

          Those prims allowances are now standard Land Barons prims – My Homestead has 5K

      • lmpierce@alcancemas.com' lmpierce says:

        Yes, I agree with your outline on this… you make note of how to add value and come from the position that there are still actually many potential visitors in a less competitive landscape. My initial response was to the quotation in the article that posited investing in Second Life as comparable to investing in a stock while the market is down, and even as Second Life is “hemorrhaging users and regions”. Under that scenario there was reason to question the conflation of Second Life as an ‘investment’ and a depressed stock.

        • social@karakelly.net' Kara Kelly says:

          And then you’ll have a day or three to take it all in before the drama and infighting and squabbling and clicks and backstabbing and nonsense kick in. Content creators behaving as if they’re the only ones owed value. Yeah, good times. Enjoy! I prefer my VW drama and bs free.

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      You are totally missing the point. But then again I am the one investing and I will be taking full advantage of what SL has to offer and at the same time SHOW what OPENSIMULATOR has to offer. Shows and events will start next week. See you all there!

  5. skylifegrid@yahoo.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Congratulations Alex I am proud of you that you will not give up… Please make sure you have clear TOS and Privacy Policy’s in place … I still feel you should be paying me for the work rendered.. I hope this time you will make a good run of it BUT be sure to let people know in advance if you decide to pull the plug so they can make alternate arrangements.. Best of Luck

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      The problem here JOSH is that there were no work rendered by you in the last 3 months Avi-Labs was online. Lots of things falling apart and nothing was fixed nothing was done. All developments were stopped and all that was completed stopped working and you want to get paid? Do that to someone else and see if you get paid. But anyway thanks for the best wishes!

      • skylifegrid@yahoo.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        I will not argue with you but NEVER call me for help until you pay me for the months of work I did for you for nothing! and reimburse me for the server fees I had to pay when you just up and left everything in a sinking ship and for us to try to keep going… You are well aware of what you are doing Alex… For anyone that will do business with Alex I implore you to do your research and think it over 3 times..

    • social@karakelly.net' Kara Kelly says:

      There it is…drama commencing in 3…2…

      • skylifegrid@yahoo.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        I doubt when you work and pay for things for your boss because he did not and did not even have the courage to tell us what was going on .. I don’t think that classifies as drama.. Its simple He owes money and is not wanting to pay.. This is not uncommon for Alex if you have kept up with the Avi-Worlds Saga,,,,

  6. social@karakelly.net' Kara Kelly says:

    LOL…office pool – 2 months before it shuts down again without warning?

  7. huca@klipschx12.com' Leanne Marsh says:

    It seems that there is not a single opensim world that I can actually take seriously. Do people not have better things to do? Why create a commercial grid? All I see is people complaining that their business is slow or business model doesn’t work. The reason behind why I came to opensim was to get away from the unprofessionalism of linden labs and also the high cost. At this point I sit here in frustration because it seems like most of the opensim community is just one big mess. I join one grid get moaned about because i am visiting other grids or get bashed when I submit a trouble ticket that something doesn’t work and I get blamed for the issue, its your computer or its your internet or you need to clean your machine or you have the wrong viewer. Well hate to tell you I can visit second life with max settings and no issues other than the occasional lag which is expected when a region is overloaded or has 80 plus avatars. What’s even worse is when I try to bring friends from second life to opensim they refuse to come because they say they hear nothing but bad press and bad things about it. Then you have people like this that open and close a grid a bazillion times maybe more then what I can count on two hands. Coming to opensim I was under the impression it was built to move away from all the BS but really this makes second life look like a saint. My other biggest complaint is these world owners hire or have volunteers that are so nosy. I get a region lock it down next thing you know a staff member is visiting my region and by passing the region / estate settings. I never had this problem in second life on my own region. I have even had grid owners show up while in working in my own private reregion. That is why last week I decided to leave all commercial grids and just run my own opensimulator region. I have been able to buy content from kitely work on my own stuff in privacy. At one point I was paying one of these opensim grid owners over 300 month in server costs and I decided after the last incident to just give it up its not worth it any more. My point is don’t trust anyone but yourself in this community any more. Do yourself a favor run your own regions stop giving these people money to run things unprofessionally. I have nothing good to say about any of the commercial grids I have done business with in ooensim. Sorry for my horrible grammar I type with one hand and a. Also dyslexic and my rant but after sitting back for 3 and a half years and seeing all of this stuff go on i figured is create an account and actually make a comment. Take it or leave it but please people do yourself a favor back up your thimgs. Don’t invest in virtual currencies or content you can’t backup. If we all can stick together maybe there is a chance that more people can remember what and why opensim was created. I have not referndced any names in this post. It instead direct this at everyone who runs a commercial grid and those of us getting scammed and used. Thanks for reading.

  8. tonyanytime247@gmail.com' Tony Anytime says:

    I feel like they brought back Godzilla movies… you kind of know how they are going to end… Good luck, and don’t you worry you could not possibly screw up SL more than it is now. Seriously I salute you for trying new things and I always look forward to post about you… You never know what is going to happen next.

  9. tonylestr@gmail.com' Tony Lester says:

    Never catch a falling knife….