Study finds VR to be a effective teaching tool for nurses

The  VR Airway Lab training application for medical professionals was recently put to the test in a study that found VR simulation to be on par, if not better than expected, when compared to a traditional teaching lab environment.

(Image courtesy Arch Virtual.)

Key Findings

Faculty that took the VR training overwhelmingly felt it was a valuable and effective teaching tool.

A large portion of faculty felt they should invest in VR technology at their institution.

Almost no cyber sickness reported in the survey.

A plurality of young learners said this was a valuable learning tool they would like to see investment in.

These promising findings, along with other research on VR training that indicate people remember what they learn in VR longer, are exciting indicators of the power and potential of this technology.

Here is a video of a presentation by Justin Khine, one of the researchers behind the study, at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healhcare, the annual conference of the Society of Simulation in Healthcare, in January.

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