Fence in VR with a real sword

(Image courtesy Boxglass.)

Wouldn’t it be cool to fence with a real sword in VR?

Russian VR studio Boxglass has released Fencer, a VR fencing trainer designed to help new players learn the sport of fencing while using a real fencing weapon.

Fencer uses the Oculus Quest headset and controllers attached to a fencing sword, and the app walks users through a set of exercises aimed at improving reacting and attention, as well as for training attacking and defensive strategies.

It’s probably not too useful for practicing parrying, as there is no opposing sword to strike yours, but could help with strike accuracy, sword placement and evading an opponent’s attack.

Launched last month and costing a little over $2,400, the Fencer kit includes a headset, sword and controller mount, and app license. It’s apparently targeted toward fencing gyms rather than individual users.

Fencer is listed on the company’s Russian website, but doesn’t seem to be available for individual order in the United States. It remains to be seen if you’ll be able to buy it or if it’s only being sold to fencing gyms.

Here’s the Fencer release trailer:

The company says the app is tuned toward the rules and customs of the International Fencing Federation, the governing body of Olympic fencing.

Alex Korolov