Craft World hosts virtual art exhibit Friday

Voxel 1. (Image courtesy Craft World.)

Interested in seeing the evolution of metaverse art?

The Craft World grid will be hosting an exhibition on Friday, March 19 on the Uqbar region, of photographs and 3D builds from Second Life created between 2006 and 2012.

Voxel 1 is only the first event in the Retrospective Exhibition series, said Craft World founder Raffaele Macis, and will feature the collections of the Metaverse Museum and the Diabolus CARP Artspace. It was curated by Rosanna Galvani and Velazquez Bonetto.

Friday’s event will start at 1:30 p.m. Pacific time on the Uqbar region. The hypergrid address is

(Image courtesy Craft World.)

Other sessions will include eight of all the 17 virtual world exhibitions that were organized by curator MillaMilla Noel, the Koinup platform’s Virtual Diversity project, and artist DC Spensley’s Theater, Macis told Hypergrid Business.

Other exhibitions include work from Italian metaverse artists, Second Front, which was the first performance art group in the Second Life virtual world, as well as works from Caerleon Sims, Pirats Art Kahos 2009, and Chen Pitney.

The idea of this exhibition developed from a suggestion of Mario Gerosa, an author who published about twenty books, including on virtual worlds and Second Life.

(Image courtesy Craft World.)